What's with my husband and his inablity to keep time as soon as his bike gets involved???

Thanks for your patience friends, I’m running a day behind so even though it is bright and early on a Sunday, it means you’re getting Saturday’s musings. We’re currently in Blue Mountain for two reasons: 1) so YB could throw himself down a mountain on his bike, which luckily for him also happened for him last Saturday. Two weekends in a row. This is rare for him. Unlucky for him, he’s unable to stick to a schedule while throwing himself down a mountain, causing us to be an hour and a half late to a dinner date last Saturday, and ensuring he came to a lovely steak dinner with my mom and her hubby last night still sweaty and muddy from the mountain. Although I will say this. His terrible, muddy shorts, and Matthew Good t shirt didn’t stop fans from asking him for photos while he was eating dinner.


Twice during dinner he was asked for photos, like literally with food on the table. Now before you get bent out of shape, thinking it’s not nice to call out fans in this fashion, as if we’re being ungrateful. I will say this. Yannick is an incredibly accommodating actor I’ve heard of as far as giving out photos and talking to his fans at every opportunity. Unless you don’t know his name. Then you’re SOL. But other than that he’s pretty chill about it all. Unlike a certain actor on the TV series Suits who has “business” cards that he, and his friends hand out when people ask for photos. The cards pretty much say; “don’t fucking even think about looking at me.” I’ve seen them. They’re gross, and they’re over the top, and buddy, when your show is finished and nobody gives a flying f*#k about you anymore you’re going to be wishing people still cared about you. Trust me on this. I’ve seen it happen, plenty.

The first time he was asked last night it was okay, since Yannick knew the guy from way back, and he was taking it for “the team” by asking for his buddies in the next room. The second was a little bit too much, especially since I don’t even think the wives cared all that much. But one handsome man who was also lovely, just couldn’t help himself on his way out from stopping at the corner of our table saying that his wife recognized Yan, and that she’s a huge fan could they have a photo? I’m not sure if he’d had too much to drink over dinner, or how he thought his timing was good, but Yannick’s mouth was literally full of steak. As in he had just put a bite into his mouth. Normally this would result in a big fat “NO” from Yan. But last night was that man’s lucky night. He caught YB in a very good mood. He’s always in his happy place after bike riding, even if he did end his day with a huge crash into a river, even if he was in the dog house with me, thanks to him being late two Saturday date nights IN A ROW, and he was a couple tequilas in. All that to say, the guy got his photo. But unlucky for his wife, Yannick looked like a homeless mountain bike man in it, and not the star of Canada’s most successful drama. I’m not saying the guy shouldn’t have asked him for the photo, I’m just suggesting that going forward he might want to read the room a little better. As in not asking for it right after somebody you’re a fan of has just taken a bite of food. But that guy really did get very lucky, I’ve seen that go sideways for people when they approach our dinner table at it’s just not the right moment. As in we’re in the middle of a couple’s “conversation.” Even though last night in was very much in the dog house with me during dinner since I was annoyed with him for being filthy at dinner, my attempts to sauce him and bring down his bike high were not enough to spoil his mood. Which tells me my friends, that I’m losing the ability to have my sauce boss him around. Which really makes me go “hmmm…”

Reason 2) as to why we’re up here is because my cousin is getting married today, today as in Sunday, not Saturday. Yay love. Hopefully she won’t ever meet up with her new husband at a lovely restaurant with him covered in mud and try to boss him back to their hotel room to make himself presentable and have him ignore her attempts to boss him. I really hope he’s able to stick to a schedule for date nights, and I wish them a lifetime of love, joy, health and happiness. It’s a beautiful sunny day, with just the right amount of cloud in the sky. A perfect day for a lunchtime wedding!

And if YB’s body isn’t too broken after his run in with the river, maybe an afternoon filled with a little more throwing himself down a mountain. As long as he can make to dinner tonight on time.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…