What's with close standers, and line jumpers & other things that make me go "hmmm..."

It is Golden Globe night!! I am sooooo excited! The GG’s are my absolute favorite award show of all of them!! Yannick is away, which means I can sit and enjoy the show in peace and quiet, with zero guilt! The thing I love the most are the red carpet arrivals, and to ensure that neither you, or I miss them here’s a quick list of things that make me go “hmmm…”

What’s with people driving along, minding their own business, then you come up behind them, make a move to go around them, and they speed up. And they don’t speed up to move over and let you continue on. They speed up to try and block you in. They’re attempting to keep you from getting in front of them, which I totally don’t understand. Like what is the problem? 9 times out of 10 you end up passing them anyway, then they stay in their lane, and go back down to the speed they were going when you CAUGHT UP TO THEM. Hi, if you and I are traveling at the same rate of speed, it is impossible for me to catch up to you. It is science. Actually it is math, but you get my point. Which is, you were never, ever, going that fast in the first place, so just move over and let people pass you.

Close standers. You know the people I’m talking about. You’re standing in a line, or an elevator, or any other public area and there is always one person who feels the need to stand on top of you. No matter what country you’re in, you will encounter close standers. It seriously drives me nutty. Why are you standing on top of me?? You have your own personal space, why do you need mine too? I just don’t understand people who are close standers, why do you want to stand on top of a stranger? Do you think it will make the line move faster? Do you have a depth perception issue with your eyes? Are you affectionate, or needy and just have to feel “close” to people, even if they’re strangers? What is it about you, why choose to be closer than necessary to somebody you don’t know if you have the space to not close stand? Same goes for people who will come sit in a chair right next to you when the entire seating area is virtually empty. Why? Why would you want to sit in the seat right next to me? I don’t get it, maybe it’s because I’m the sort of person who likes a lot of space around me, that I’d rather stand than sit on top of somebody, anywhere, anytime.

Speaking of crowds, and people, does anybody else not understand line cutters? The concept of standing in line is taught to you the second you leave your home, and get socialized. I mean from the first day in nursery school, or elementary school, you’re being taught how to line up, along with WHY you line up. Yet you go out in the world of “adults” and people be acting liek they don’t have the foggiest idea of what all of us are doing. You want to witness line cutting at its finest, just go skiing. The chair lift line cutting is my personal favorite line cutter of all line cutters.

What’s with one of my children, two legged, and four legged alike who always seem to have a medical emergency when Yannick is out of town. Back in the day, when our girls were little it was a guarantee that one of them would have some sort of medical issue come up when Yannick was away filming. I’m talking to the point of having to make emergency room runs. I thought those days were behind me, now that all my two legged kids have moved out, but apparently not. It would seem that the baton, was somehow passed on to my four legged kids, when I wasn’t looking. When I thought the days of anybody having a medical crises that I would need to handle on my own was long behind, Mack seems to now require medical attention when his dad’s away. Today took us 2.5 hours away for him to have a spinal MRI, in a blizzard. Well only half the day was spent in the blizzard, but I can assure you it was long enough to bring me to my next thing that makes me go “hmmm.”

Snow tires. If you’re going to live in the snow belt, where I was today, and yes there was a significant snow storm happening, ensuring that the area lived up to its reputation. Have snow tires on your car; and if you’re not going to put snow tires on your car, then stay home when it’s a blizzard, please, and thank you.

And the last thing that makes me go “hmmm” is why if I only live fifteen minutes away from the downtown core of Toronto, how are the only foods I can get delivered to my house, in 2017, is still only Pizza or Chinese Food?

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…