What Would You Do if you arrived at your new home build ready to move in, and everybody neglected to tell you that you have no toilets or running water???

Wow! Let me tell you all this…building a cottage, or a home, or whatever, really sucks up a tremendous amount of energy, time, brain power and will to live. Listen, I’m not complaining about the great blessing that is my life and having the ability and the means to build a lakefront home. I’m simply stating that I had forgotten how all consuming the process is, especially in its final days of completion. This is why you haven’t heard from me, my creative brain energy has been going into final decisions and managing people, delicately getting burly men to do what you need them to do without damaging their fragile “I don’t take orders from a woman” mindsets.

So here we are, with a perfect, What Would You Do Wednesday.

Let’s say you’ve been planning, paying for and managing a home build for a year, and you at long last get a move in date, so you rent a moving truck, you co-ordinate extra hands on deck to help you load and unload. You’re even fortunate enough that all this falls in line with your husband’s first week of vacation from work. How lucky would you feel?

I can tell you, that you feel DAMN lucky indeed! I can tell you that because this is how I felt when we got the go ahead to move in Saturday June 30th. Like the Gods had aligned. Everything was perfect, until it wasn’t.

It wasn’t perfect when we got word from my best friend, who owns the cottage right next to us that there were no toilets, no sinks, and no running water. But our truck was loaded, the people were hired and ready, so what would you do? Would you;

a) leave the truck packed and loaded and just chill at your city home, until they at least have toilets and sinks installed, with running water of course?

b) fight with your spouse and point the finger of blame back and forth because one of you should have been on top of the build communication?

c) have a major meltdown, get your contractor and building manager on the phone and try to force them to get the plumbers on site to install at least one toilet prior to your arrival?

d) know that these things take time, and always have hiccups so keep your cool, head up to the cottage and rough it until the above mentioned items are installed?

Can’t wait to hear What You Would Do in this scenario!