What a day to be alive!!!

Today was a day for the history books indeed. I was blown away, between packing to leave tomorrow, and checking the progress of the Women’s marches on Twitter at the number of people who marched in solidarity.

Today I was the most proud I’ve ever been, in my forty seven years of walking this planet, to be a human being.

I appreciate all the people who got up off their couches, out of their houses, took the day off work, to go and march in support of human rights. To tell our governments that we’re sick and tired of some people getting away with crimes committed against people of the opposite sex. To let the powers that be, know that we as a people are more interested in our fellow humans, whether, brown, black or yellow, sharing in equality.

We want there to be more balance.

We want to be heard.

We want to all governments to know that we’re on to them. That we’re done lying down, and accepting their lies. We as a people will no longer take them at their word. We want change. We from today on will be holding them accountable for their actions.

The march for me is not about being “anti-Trump” nor is it about sexual assault. For me, today was about giving people, all people the right, and freedoms to choose who they love, and what they do with their bodies. In my opinion the government doesn’t belong in our bedrooms, nor does it have the right to have dominion over our bodies. If I had marched, I would have done it for these reasons. I wouldn’t have marched AGAINST Trump. I would have been marching for these other things. We all want peace, and the way I see it, or how I’ve learned from my history books is that the only way to get peace, is to make a lot of noise. Today was the global beginning of change. Real change. Change that will make our world a better, more loving place.

Thank you to every single person who marched for all of us who could not.

Do not think for one minute that because I wasn’t with you in body, that I wasn’t with you in spirit. My heart was bursting with human pride. My soul wept with gratitude for all the young, and old who marched for themselves, and who marched for me.

This sexual assault survivor, mother of three young women thanks you. Let’s hope the Global leaders heard our footsteps loud and clear today.

Now, back to packing.



PHOTO CREDIT SAN DIEGO MAGAZINE http://www.sandiegomagazine.com/images/cache/cache_1/cache_4/cache_a/san-diego-womens-march-january-2017-e419ea41.jpeg?ver=1484783294&aspectratio=1.4971428571429