Well one thing is for sure; meteorologists, and home inspectors, are not brain surgeons, that's for damn sure!

Does anybody else out there find it alarming how meteorologists, the epitome of “fake news”, and home inspectors manage to stay employed??? It truly makes me go “hmmm.”

They are both occupations that are wrong most of the time, yet get to keep their jobs. I’m dead serious about this. Can you imagine if you went in for knee replacement surgery like my dad did, and they replaced the wrong knee?? The surgeon responds with; “well it’s not an ‘exact’ science.” Your reaction to that would be; “Um excuse me sir, but I do believe it is.” How can a home inspector tell you that something on a property is in good working order, and then first rain fall you’re dealing with a lake in your kitchen. Who decided that it was okay for weather to be a crap shoot, and that it doesn’t matter if there’s any accuracy in the reporting of it or not. And home inspectors filling out an entire report telling you the home has no “pressing” issues, to only end up needing to replace almost every single thing in, and outside of it, save for the foundation, and most of the siding, like our present house?

I don’t understand how the people who work in these two lines of work can miss the mark so regularly, yet remain gainfully employed?? What gives? How is this a thing? I suppose I can find it in my heart to give meteorologists a break since there are so many variables at play with the weather, mostly due to humankind destroying the planet, that it’s hard to really know what’s what, out there in the the atmosphere.

But, home inspectors. Dudes, come ON. How on earth did our guy miss that our roof was not completely sealed? How did he miss that the siding didn’t line up with the fascia, allowing for water to come in regularly during rainstorms? Or that the heater to the spa didn’t have enough guts to actually heat the spa? What about saying all the sinks, tubs, and toilets worked properly, which was a dirty lie. None of them ever drained properly, not at all. Never mind the one master faucet that leaked under the sink and into the cabinet at the same rate that it went into the actual sink while it was running. What about the small detail that most of the windows didn’t actually close all the way, or seal, or keep heat in or out…and on and on and on it goes. So much for our turnkey house. Lesson learned, if Yannick isn’t able to attend a home inspection with an inspector, don’t conduct said home inspection.

Anyway, perhaps I’ll go back to school and take up one of these fine occupations, I mean checking my writing all day, every day to ensure strong grammar, spelling, and content is accurate, is EXHAUSTING. It seems like it would be so much more fun to just do half a job than all of a job.

Speaking of half a job, how happy are we all that this Republican Administration kicked Steve Bannon to the curb??!! One down, many, many more to go! This makes me go YAY, and “hmmm” all at the same time. Thank God he’s gone, but how the fuck did he end up in the White House in the first place???

Also, this is a thing that makes me go “hmmm” and YAY. Yay that Pepsi pulled the Kendall Jenner commercial, but who the hell thought that was a good idea for a campaign in the first place??? I mean, if you only knew how many people the concept of a TV ad has to go through to even get into production, your minds would be blown! So, the fact that it got through all these people, millions were spent on producing it, millions were spent buying the ad time on national television, and then they launch it. SO MANY PEOPLE thought it was a GREAT IDEA. Damn. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the CEO of Pepsi sits on Trump’s Business Council that this type of ad was deemed appropriate in the first place???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.