Who wants to go to Thailand sick?? Not me that's for damn sure.

I cannot believe that I’m so sick AGAIN?!? And literally on the heels of having been very sick in mid-November. Honestly, I’m so over 2017 I want to punt it into the stratosphere. I’m beyond annoyed with ending it on such a sour, sick note, that I can’t even right now. I’ve tried to sit down and blog, but my brain is a giant pile of mush, and will not function. I can’t put thoughts together into clear, concise sentences, and my spelling, even in text messages, has been a joke. Thank you from the bottom of my heart from the reader who found my typos. Of course f’n eleven year old Keaton is not VIRILE. I apologize to all of you for not only not blogging consistently, but when I have gotten on here, but flat out blogging badly.

Friends, I’ve basically been a total mess. It’s not been any fun at all. On the days where I would wake and be like; “hey I think I feel human today, let me leave my bed for a change of scenery” only to fall flat on my face for the two days that follow that day, finally pushed me over the edge. I cracked. I’ve started taking Tylenol sinus and cold pills; once in the morning and again at night time because the bricks in my head were becoming too much to bear. I’m not a pill popper, I live by the notion that if you’re body is in pain, or you have the runs, it is your body doing its work at getting rid of whatever is “attacking” your system. But after a straight week of the same ole same ole, I finally had enough and gave into taking something for whatever it is Yannick has given to me.

They say in marriage you’re meant to share everything. Well this my friends, is one thing I could have certainly done without. I would have much preferred that he not give me this just in time for Christmas. Or in time for his award night on Sunday, or the huge surprise party I threw for him afterward. You don’t even know what it took for me to get all that past him…I will tell you this much for free though, he should be very concerned with how well I can spin a web right in front of his eyes. Lucky for him, and me, since I believe in Karma, I’m a good person.

Here’s hoping that now that I’m a solid day of finally adding some over the counter medications to all my homeopathic potions that I’m finally going to kick it. Because who wants to go to Thailand sick??? Not this bitch, that’s for damn sure! Fingers crossed my friends, fingers crossed.