If you want to gain some perspective as a Canadian star, hang out at Little Beach House Malibu for half a day.

In the twenty three years that I’ve been hanging around, shopping, eating, and for the last three years living in Malibu, I swear to God as my witness, I’ve not seen as many famous people in all the years combined as I have done in this day alone. And honestly, since I’m being honest, it wasn’t even a full twelve hour day. I’m talking in the a span of three hours I saw more famous people, than I truly have in years, and years, and YEARS.

Actually, I need to dial it back a little bit. It all started yesterday at lunch. I met up with my best friend, and my two girls at Tra Di Noi, right in the shops of Malibu. We go here all the time. Like ALL THE TIME. In fact we have had lunch there more times than I can even count, and not once have I seen one famous person sitting on the patio with us.


But yesterday we got sat at the table right beside two Oscar winner Tom Hanks, his brilliant and talented wife Rita Wilson, his son Colin Hanks, his wife, and two little girls. Let me tell you this, it was hard to just sit and eat lunch, casually, when all I really wanted to do was watch them with their granddaughters, and you know, become friends with them. For the record: amazing young parents, the table had coloring books on it, they were all reading to them, and not a cellphone or tablet was in sight. In fact, Colin even left the table and took his two girls to the park while they waited for their lunch to arrive. Adorable. Loved them, seriously wanted to be friends with them, would have asked if the shops security wasn’t so close by.

Flash forward to lunch today, and honestly, my head was on a swivel. I didn’t know where to look without accidentally catching somebody famous’s eye. And I so didn’t want to be that girl. I mean even Demi Moore walked past Yannick, looked him right in the eye and said a big, friendly hello to him. I think she thought she knew him. Or, maybe she was wishing she did. Or perhaps Yannick was trying to convince her that she knew him. Either way, it was so cool, and she looks amazing. You all need to know that she is aging beautifully, and is much more attractive in the flesh, if that’s possible. It was super cute when all of her daughters joined in shortly after she arrived.

There was Liev Schrieber. Whom I wanted to approach and ask him how the fuck he could have possibly messed up his relationship with the lovely Naomi Watts.

Uber producer, Brian Grazer. Who you will always be able to recognize since he hasn’t changed his hair in twenty years.

A couple of LA Lakers. Who I didn’t recognize but judging my their incredible height and the way the young boys in the building went nuts, that’s who they were.

Ivana Milicevic from Love Actually. One of the girls from the entire bar scene in “Wisconsin.”

Robin Tunney from The Mentalist.

And so many others who’s faces you know, because they’ve been in the game for so, so, so long, but don’t know their names.

One half day at the Little Beach House Malibu, where we’re now members, was enough to put life into perspective, and remind us that it may be 11 years of a series. But it is 11 years of a Canadian series, and we still get to fly under the radar here in California, whether we want to, or not. For now.