All of us made in God's image, yet not all of us safe. How in one month, have we wound up here???

Well what is there to post about these days? Trans-children have been swept of their rights, thanks to this Republican Administration. The deportation process has taken on a super aggressive, militant systematic way of finding, and then exiling the people. So much so that some, feeling hopeless, and fearful are taking their own lives rather than return to where they came from. The Dakota Pipeline judgement has been overturned, and now the native people have been arrested, and ushered off their land. All under the guise that it isn’t going through sacred land, and there is nothing to fear as other pipelines have been running on the exact route for many years without incident.

I for one cannot find the light at the end of the tunnel.

I for one don’t understand how in one short month we’ve gone from the great progress that was made in the eight years under Obama on human rights that we’ve enjoyed, to this. This backward, hillbilly antiquated way of being.

It simply doesn’t compute. When we know so much. How can we retreat so far back. I thought knowledge was power? Yet we have all these insane orders being written, overriding the good we’ve come to enjoy. We know that planned parenthood isn’t only about abortion, that they provide so many other essential services; yet this Republican Administration demand that their funding be cut. We have access to the stats that we need, that prove that children who struggle with their gender identity are more likely to commit suicide if not supported, if not given any safe places to turn to. They this new administration decides AFTER Obama gave them that safe place, to remove it. For what gain? I don’t know.

I’m at a loss. A loss for humanity. A loss for unity. A loss for love, inclusiveness, and general acceptance.

We’re all fucked up in our own way. We’re all damaged, broken, a work in progress. What harm is there in opening your arms to those of us who are also broken, even if they’re broken in ways you are not, or in ways that you might not comprehend, what difference does it make to your life?

Especially you assholes who live in glass houses, with your porn addictions, or your pedophile tendencies, or your homosexual fantasies that are only played out online, under pseudonyms. You live in secret, judging, condemning, and punishing those who are bold enough to live their lives out loud. You are cowards. You are bullies. You are wrong. And yet, because you were “voted” into your position of power you wield it in the most harmful way.

Well I say to all of you self righteous, insidious assholes. If you believe in a God. If you believe that there is judgement that leads to hell. I believe that your judgement of God’s beautiful children, made in his likeness and perfection, combined with your living under the cover of your religion/pious/moral guise, will give you a very special place in hell.

May your God have mercy on your judgemental souls.