When a uninhabitable one room cabin in the woods crosses your path, why wouldn't you buy it???

Well I certainly missed blogging over the weekend. Hanging with Yanny Bissony, Mikaela, my best friend and her husband brought up so many topics that made all of us go “hmmm” that it would have been a blogging buffet; if I had even brought my computer. Which I did not, because I made a vow to just take the weekend off, and I did. Or at least I did until I got caught in four hours of cottage traffic leaving Camp Ooch on Sunday afternoon.

FOUR HOURS to get home from the Muskoka region. And this my friends is exactly what YB and I have been avoiding all the years that we’ve lived in the province of Ontario. The nightmare that is getting there and back makes me want to be dragged behind the bumper of my car rather than sit on my ass staring at fields and other car bumpers hour after hour after hour. I’m sorry but that’s not zen for me. That’s not something that makes me think; “yay! Let’s pile in the car and drive bumper to bumper for hours on Friday night, hang out at the cottage for thirty six hours only to run around and do it all again Sunday.” Hell no. Not for me. At least East of the city there are many, many escape routes, and they’re all quite beautiful vistas out your car window as well. It’s rare to get caught in dead stopped traffic going to cottage country East of Toronto. Which is precisely why we impulse purchased one there yesterday.

Yup. Us weirdos with no weekends to speak of while he shoots Murdoch May-December, who then spend winters in Los Angeles at our home there, thought there was nothing better to do with our money than you know, pay for a wedding AND buy a one room shack, that is not winterized yesterday. Hell it’s technically not even livable.

Not sure how this falls under my quest to simplify my life, but I’m letting go and leaving it up to God, as it were. I wasn’t looking to buy a cottage, like not at all, nor was Yannick, yet here we are. This place literally fell into our laps. Who knows, perhaps it will be my little Love Actually lakefront writing haven, and many a top sellers will come out of the tranquility that is waiting for me there. Once we turn it into a space that we can actually LIVE IN, I mean. Which hopefully, since it is only one room, won’t take too long, too much money or effort.

With Yannick’s four day weekend next weekend the demo will begin in earnest, and shouldn’t take long. There’s no way he won’t spend four days bashing down walls, and ripping out plumbing. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t drive up this weekend, he has a half day Friday, and late start Monday, to meet with an arborist, so they can begin to clear the path to the water from our property right away. Yannick is like a man obsessed. My phone was blowing up with interior options ALL DAY LONG. Like all day. He is EXCITED about his shack in the woods, let me tell you. So I’m confident he’s already lined the tree cutting guys up. Count me happy, I don’t want to be in the darkness when I’m 100 feet from a lake. Who would? Also the cool thing about up North is, apparently THEY pay YOU to cut down your trees. The bigger the tree, the more money we’ll be getting paid. Which is fine by us, considering we can barely see the water or the sun due to the over growth that the original owners allowed to happen on the site. Within a couple of weeks we’ll have a clear eye line, a dock and no walls. Just the way Yannick likes things. Fast.

The crazy thing is, between the four of us, me and Yannick, my girlfriend and her hubby, if none of us had anything at all to do, we could have the thing turned into a one bedroom, ensuite bath, with an eat in kitchen and two piece bathroom in one month. But, sadly, we all are working folk, and we’ll need to rely on the same guys that built my girlfriends place to do ours. Cheap and cheerful. We’ll need to be extremely clear with the dudes who do the work: cheap doesn’t mean poorly built. It simply means we will make it habitable while we wait to see what life throws at us with regards to Murdoch’s future, the lawsuit over our floors at our Toronto house, and what the universe brings us State side. No rush to build a cottage big enough to house the entire Bisson clan. No siree. We just need a place to curl up with the pups, write some best selling books, read some other fab books, spend time with loved ones, enjoy some paddle boarding, and sleep the sleep of angels that can only be achieved by being in the great outdoors.

So don’t worry about me, taking on some giant headache, I haven’t at all. This will mostly be a labor of love for Yanny Bissony while I sun my tush on the dock and keep him fed. Which are things I normally do on the deck of our house in Toronto anyway. It’s all good over here!

Also, those of you were concerned will be super glad to know that I’m almost running at 100% again. Turns out, one of the supplements that my nutritionist/food coach had me on was making me almost die. I literally could keep nothing in. It didn’t make sense to me that my body would react so negatively to two cleanses that I’ve done pretty much on a regular basis since 2006. Not once had I ever had this sort of reaction. I was drinking the special drink Saturday morning when Mikaela looked over at me and asked what I was drinking. When I told her she calmly asked what the color that everything coming out of me was I told her pretty much the color of what I was drinking and then she was like…”ahhhhh mom. Stop drinking that.”

I did and I’m not even kidding you, within a couple of hours I was back to normal. Not another episode since Friday night. Not a single one.

Now why didn’t I think of that???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.