In these uncertain times, of our new world, let us never forget...

In a time where most war is read about, or watched on the TV. Taking place off in the distance, as if we’re watching a movie and not real bloodshed, sacrifice and lives lost. Is it greed? Is it hunger for power? We will likely never know what really brings on war, but one thing I do know is not only have so many selfless men and women given their lives for my freedom, there are many still out there giving their lives for those who are yet to be born.

Bless your bravery, and thank you for your ultimate sacrifice so that I don’t have to, nor do my children.


We are supposed to remember all those that are gone,
Those that fought for their lives, and ours, was that wrong?
The young men that left, some had never even been kissed,
Some of them came from good homes, others, not even missed.

In the darkness of night, they marched together, side by side,
With only the moon and stars above them, as their guide,
All around them, the sounds of guns and many tanks,
Slowly moving along rocky shores, and slippery muddy banks.

Against the morning light hundreds of silhouettes can be seen,
They don’t have faces, only darkness, a sea of black and olive green,
Miles and miles of emptiness, loneliness, that lay deep in their soul,
Not knowing what is on the other side of each and every knoll.

Where are they going, do they even know, and what will they find?
What happened to looking out for our fellow man? All of mankind,
Side by side in the trenches, some strangers, some family, just trying to survive,
Cold and wet, frostbitten fingers and toes, death looks better than being here alive.

Crawling across dead mangled bodies, that were once soldiers with a name,
Now they are just part of the landscape, they can no longer ask, who is to blame?
What happened to my Grandpa, to my Brothers, my Uncle, and my Dad?
Questions asked by all of us, we have pictures, that’s all we’ve ever had.

Did they fight and die for our country, were their deaths worth it in the end ?
Don’t let them be forgotten, wear a poppy, for our lives, they did defend.

© Barb Hedden Gormley November 11th 2013