The ultimate question that makes me go "hmmm" who decides who lives, and who dies???

I love the people who read my blog, I really and truly do. Thank you every single one of you, who not only reads it, but takes the time to respond and help to make me better. I appreciate that you do it in a respectful, helpful and kind fashion. I’m also so thankful for those of you who are much more knowledgeable, more like my eldest girl, who studied world history, in these matters than I am. I appreciate all the information that has been passed on to me about the soldiers in the armies for Britain and France during WWII. I had no idea, and now I do, so thank for passing on some history facts to me. I’m grateful.

Something I am not grateful for though, the disorganized mess of construction happening in my city. Seriously city “planners” what in the hot hell do you do with yourselves all day long?? Because from the outside looking in, it seems like what you do for a living is sit in your cubicles and create ways to fuck with your tax paying citizens. I mean you cannot get around Toronto these days. Like cyclists and pedestrians are moving faster than I am in my car.

Which brings me beautifully to my next point, the lowering of the speed limits EVERYWHERE. Why do you even need speed limits when most roads are completely torn up and nobody is driving above 20kms/hour anyway??? I mean seriously. Today I practiced going a new lower speed limit on a major artery and the cyclist with a kid on the back was going faster. Good for him if he doesn’t need to get from one end of the city to the other like I did. Honestly, I’ve asked this a thousand times WHO IS IN CHARGE out there???

Speaking of “who is in charge” I can’t get over a couple of walking miracle men in my life. Like I cannot even process the great luck and fortune they have had with health issues that some people literally drop dead from. I can’t get into the details of it, due to both being private family matters, but I was talking with a friend today, who is also the wedding planner for Brianna’s wedding who was sharing how somebody she knows, son, was just killed in a car crash in the middle of the night. A man in his early 40’s, gone just like that. Why him? Why today?

She and I both asked the same question: “WHO DECIDES WHO GOES AND WHO STAYS??”

The two incidents that have happened within my family involve odds like, 50% of people who suffer the same injury that this family member of mine suffered in late January don’t survive the night. Of those who do survive the night, most, like 88% of the 50% end up paralyzed. Yet my family member did not die. Is not paralyzed. Nor did he sustain any permanent brain damage. Why??? Listen I’m not complaining, I’m just wondering out loud, why not him, and who decides? He is a walking miracle. To which we’re all thankful to have received.

Yesterday another member of my family, a young man, not even 50 yet, had a quadruple bypass surgery. Take that in. Of his five arteries only one was good.

Why didn’t he just drop dead somewhere along the way? Why was he warned weeks out for days on end with incredible chest pain that something with his health was terribly wrong? Why was he given a second chance, when so many others are not???

It is fascinating to me, this thing called life. Some people are born with black or brown skin and endure hardships somebody with white skin will never even begin to comprehend. Some people get into their car to drive the same old, same old route they do every single day and make it home alive, while others do not. And some men who smoke, drink in excess and don’t really take health as a priority get enough warning calls to have time to get to the hospital to have that heart surgery that will save their lives, while other people’s husbands, and fathers literally drop dead with no warning.

So make sure you always say I love you. Don’t let a loved one leave you while you’re still angry, and if you can’t recall why you were even angry at somebody you haven’t spoken to in years, pick up the phone and make things right. Because we just never know who, when, why, or where. Which will forever and always be the ultimate question that makes me go “hmmm…”