Today in other news...Duke needs knee surgery...

Out of the frying pan into the fire is my life at the moment.

I will post only briefly today, because a) unpacking and organizing the house. b) Yannick, bless his heart is making repairs (already) haven’t even been here for twenty four hours, and my poor husband is fixing the work our contractor did. The guy wants his final payment…I dare say, he’s not likely to get that. Not with all the work Yannick is doing to fix what he literally damaged, and left damaged. WTAF? Like who does that? I swear, my nerves are shot with this guy, I truly cannot deal with him, or his shitty, half ass “workmanship.” c) We have a dog emergency…turns out our sweet boy, Duke has somehow along the way between Saturday, and last night, torn his ACL and will require knee surgery. Last night we took him to emergency where they made the prognosis, and today, we’re going to our vet here in Cali to get a third opinion. Our Toronto vet, Dr. Matt, weighed in over the phone last night…saying there is only one good, sure fire way to fix a knee on a dog, and the way the vet at the emerg proposed to do it, apparently isn’t the way.

So heartbroken for our sweet boy, the bulk of his holiday at our Cali house will be spent recovering from his surgery…bless his little heart, he so loves to run along the beach, and all over our property. I’m afraid it won’t go down for him like that this trip. What a life, if we had only known. I mean I don’t know why I say that, since what could have been done differently if we had known this would happen to him? Nothing I’m afraid. Life goes as it should, even for our four legged family members.

Hope you’re all having a better Monday than Duke and I are.