Today I can't even post...

This morning when I turned on my computer, ready to write my daily musing, I came across an article on my MSN homepage that was so upsetting, so heartbreaking that no matter what I did all day long to shake it, and post about something other than that headline I couldn’t do it.

Today I learned that more than I originally believed, parenting is failing. I thought the ten-year-old “sexting” fiasco in a group chat with other ten-year-olds was the craziest thing I’d heard recently about kids going wild. And it was. Until today. Today I was officially pushed over the edge of how people are just not parenting their kids.

When a group of children thought that this was okay to do…

“Special-needs boy, 10, doused with gas, set on fire in Texas town..”

I am sorry, I just can’t. I have nothing else to say today. I have nothing to add. I have nothing to rant about, or have an opinion on. I only have a heart that aches with misunderstanding.

Why? Why? Why?

What is our world becoming?

Who are the people “raising” up these sort of human beings?

I just cannot.

Blessings to this young boys parents, siblings and loved ones. Tonight his life is hanging in the balance…and all for what???

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