To all the mothers we know, we love, we have, and we've lost. Happy Mother's Day.

Awww, being a mom. From the second we are told we’re going to be one, we’re curious about what’s to come. Each new day is a new mystery. From the moment we become mothers we are looking for support, for knowledge. We can read all the books we want in the world, clean out the shelves of our local bookstore. Books that promise to help us not only know what to do, but how to be the most awesome mother we can possibly be.

But the truth is, there is nothing that can prepare us for the role of mother. Nothing can prepare us for it because no two women are alike, neither are any two children. And because we’re all unique there isn’t a single book that can cover what our individual motherhood experiences will be like. So, even though we can’t rely on books to teach us, there is one thing that can, and does teach us.


Luckily, our kids are our best teachers. They let us know where we’re excelling and where we’re falling short. In fact, our kids will repeat a negative pattern until we figure out how to guide them through it. To assist them in changing their character.

We are learning on the job. It is both exhilarating and terrifying. Challenging and rewarding, this thing called mothering.

I know I’m the woman I am in large part because of all that my three daughters have taught me over the thirty years since I first became pregnant and therefore became a mom. I’m deeply thankful to them for picking me, for being patient with me, and for loving me. As difficult as some of the days have been I couldn’t imagine not being a mother. I’m thankful each and every day for the gift of being given three healthy, smart and beautiful girls to enjoy this thing called life with.

For all the moms and grandmas out there reading this, I want to wish you all a beautiful and blessed Mother’s Day. To all the people reading this who have lost their mothers I pray that you remember that they never leave you, they have left their imprints on your souls. They are in your DNA, and are the voice in the back of your mind when you need a guiding hand through life. Moms are our greatest allies, and our biggest champions. Thank you to my mom for being such a rock and a role model, I’m eternally grateful.

And to all the moms out there, I hope you lived the exact day you wanted to have today. I know I did.

Happy Mother’s Day, with love,

xo Shantelle