Time cannot be, without something ending, and something new beginning.

Time is a funny thing. It simultaneously moves quickly, and slowly. Monday, the day we, as a family have decided to let our boy go back to the Rainbow Bridge, to see his big brother Kuda, his mom, and dad seems to be taking such a long time to arrive, luckily. And yet, watching a beautiful young woman be married today, whom we’ve known since she was thirteen seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. Or the difference that a day can make. One day I posted praise for Delta Airlines, only to wake up within twelve hours to see they had booted an entire family off a plane.

Come October we will marry our own daughter, at the age of twenty-eight, which is strange since I still feel as though I am twenty-eight.

Where does time go? And how, can we, for the love of God slow it down. I was going to type “get it back” but we all know that we cannot, so then we must find a way to slow the passing of time. Does one accomplish this by doing less in a day? Simplifying life?

Right now we’re on an island where there is literally nothing else to do but, walk, play tennis, golf, or relax. There are two restaurants, so no “going” out to dinner, unless you want to take a forty minute ferry ride across the Atlantic ocean into Savannah. Which seems a tad excessive to me. Every time Yannick and I come here, we contemplate purchasing a home. A place to come to where we would be forced to do nothing. To just BE. Then we spend four days here, and realize that we’re not quite there yet. We’re not ready to move “this slowly” through our days, where a golf cart, bicycle, or our own two feet are the only way to get around. Maybe one day, but for now we will come visit, or celebrate a wedding, although our friends only have one more kid to marry off, so that too will be behind us, in no time. So for today, this weekend we will happily live in the moment of being here for one more day of lazy, quiet, soulful living.

Besides, since YB just fired a large chunk of his team, which means the end of one thing to allow the beginning of something new. And we plan on having many new, BIG adventures/opportunities coming our way. All of which require we have our feet firmly planted on LA and TO soil.


Your skin like dawn

Mine like musk

One paints the beginning

Of a certain end

The other, the end of a

Sure beginning.

It is true, with Pippa and Andy’s wedding brings about the beginning of their lives together, as they might have children, and will create their own traditions etc. But, for my girlfriend, she’s letting go of her baby, never again will it be just the two of them. One thing begins, due to the ending of something else. It is the only way that time works. As it will be with our boy, Mack, Monday will begin our lives without him, after twelve years of him always being there. I suppose some endings bring with them joyful anticipation, while others bring with them sadness and pain.

The yin and yang of life…for me, this is time.