There were a thousand ways Megyn Kelly could have handled this, how she did, wasn't one of them.

I have so many topics bouncing around inside my head that make me go “hmmm”, and that are screaming to be blogged about. So many in fact that I thought about doing a compilation post like the good ole days; because wow, come to think of it, it really has been a good long while since I’ve done one of those. Unfortunately there is just too much good stuff happening in the world these days to give the things that are currently occupying the “hmmm” portion of my brain only one paragraph each.

The most recent one is Megyn Kelly VS Jane Fonda.

Have you been paying attention to this??

What a damn mess. I mean, you all know that I am a mouth piece, and I say pretty much every thing that comes to my mind on my blog, so on the one hand I get Megyn’s curiosity about the plastic surgery piece, but no, just no. That was not the platform for it, neither was Megyn’s reaction to Jane, in my humble opinion the right one either. I can assure you that even I, NOT an educated journalist, just an every day woman, would have behaved the way Megyn did and continues to. Even with zero journalism education behind me I can give you three other lead ins, just off the top of my head, when one is interviewing God damn icons like Jane Fonda, and Robert Redford.

  1. Respect her, and respect him. They’ve been making movies since longer than I, or Megyn Kelly have walked the earth. Show them the respect that they deserve.
  2. Keep to the script, which was they were there on your crummy little, struggling morning show to promote a movie. Talk about the movie. And if you feel the need to deviate at all from it, then you know ask them about any one of the other hundreds of projects they’ve starred in over the course of their lives. It’s not like there was a shortage of content to interview them about. THEY ARE LEGENDS. I would punch a baby to have Megyn’s job. WTAF lady??!!??
  3. Know your place. And Megyn’s place is a highly conservative struggling journalist trying to find her voice in the network world. She no longer exists in the safe cocoon of her FOX News family, she’s out in the real world, where liberals and conservatives collide, in a highly competitive, over saturated market. She is not finding her footing, or her ratings, and now, leading her interview with a legend by asking her about plastic surgery was not only amateur night, but it was highly inappropriate, and arrogant.

Like what did Megyn Kelly think Jane was going to do? Hang Robert out to dry and sit and chat about her missteps/regrets over her lifetime of plastic surgery for the entire time? Have a little girl coffee time while Rob sat beside her picking his nose, or having a nap? I mean I just wish I could have been inside Megyn’s brain leading up to that interview. What was she thinking??? I wonder if it went something like this.


Megyn Kelly at home staring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, reviewing the results of her latest Botox and fillers. Tugging at the corners of her lips, attempting to frown, and then fake laughing to check her crow’s feet.


Ok listen, tomorrow when Jane, that traitorous bitch comes on the show I’m going to nail her to the wall about her plastic surgery. After all she’s talked about it before, and the film is about aging, so it’s the perfect opener for the interview. I feel as woman to woman she’ll really appreciate me just calling out the elephant in the room. It’s the absolute best thing to do.

Megyn smiles confidently at her reflection, knowing she’s found her interview angle, turns off the light and heads to her bedroom.

It’s stupid right? Makes no sense as to why she thought it was the right angle for the story. Then once she realized her faux pas instead of responding with humility she decides to go on the attack, and drag up Jane’s poor judgement from during the Vietnam war. Shit, I’m glad people have no footage of all the dumb things I thought were totally awesome ideas from my 20’s, 30’s, hell even from my 40’s. We’re all human, we all make mistakes that, in Jane’s case, can and will haunt her until the day she dies. The blessed thing for people like you and me is that it’s not captured on film, or in the media, so the only person who knows how badly we might have blown it in our journey called life, are us, and the people our mistakes have hurt. Regardless of your station, something that a person has publicly and privately apologized for is as good as something that never happened. It certainly doesn’t deserve to be drudged up by a petulant, butt hurt, arrogant “journalist” who feels cornered.

Shame on you Megyn Kelly, shame on you indeed. It should be very interesting to see just how long you remain, not only one of the two highest paid female journalists on television, but how long you keep a spot on network television at all.