Some thoughts about dogs for you to chew on today.

Today I have an insanely busy day, CBC launch with YB, then a evening meeting with some ACTRA peeps (our Canadian actors’ union) to discuss the new CRTC ruling, and the Liberals not really being behind protecting Canadian content, then a very late dinner. Please forgive typos, YB told me not to post at all. Phooey to that I say. So just a quick, fun, light blog, about one of my favorite topics today. DOGS.

Yesterday I was walking with my friend, when a blind woman came walking toward us, with her service dog. I looked at the woman, who was smiling, and her dog, who also appeared to be delighted to be ou,t and about doing their job. This has always been something that makes me go “hmmm.” How do seeing eye dogs know that they need to take their person to the bank, or the market? Why do they not accidentally take their person to the dog park every single time they go out?

I mean, if I was basically a free dog, where my person couldn’t really tell where I was taking them, I would 1000% take my person to the dog park, all day, every day. But these dogs are good dogs, and takes them where their person asks them to. That’s impressive.

Also, how do drug sniffing dogs at the airports or borders know what drugs smell like??


And what about police dogs. These are my personal favorites! The way they can apprehend a felon, take them down without injuring them. Amazing. Whenever I see a police SUV that says “CANINE OFFICER” I imagine following them, and asking the officer if I can pet his dog. I have such an abnormal affection, and obsession with these rock star dogs, that it actually borders on weird.

Then there are avalanche rescue dogs. Search, and rescue dogs. I mean these dogs are searching for people they don’t even know, like they get a shirt with the strangers scent on it, and off they go to hunt them out, and save their lives.


On the flip side, how can some dogs be trained to smell cancer tumors? Like, does cancer have a distinct smell to it? I mean it must, if dogs can sniff it out. Honestly, who knew?

Staying with this train of thought, our friend’s son has a dog that can detect when he’s going to have a seizure, and then alert 911. Really?? How?? My dogs can barely remember that they just sniffed each others butts an hour ago, how do these dogs do all these cool things???

My dogs are not the life saving, drug busting, crime solving, or life aiding type. They’re just good old fashioned money pit, it’s a “dogs life” kinda dogs. And I’m okay with that.