When I thought the world couldn't get any crueler...

Listen, I get it, the news coverage about the mentally disabled teen isn’t Trump, it isn’t Istanbul, or Syria. And although there are bigger things to concern ourselves with; people who are suffering even more heinous treatment around the world than the eighteen year old teen who was bound, beaten and partially scalped; I for one cannot let it go, or stop thinking about what it must have felt like to him every second of every minute that passed. My heart breaks wondering if he was worried that eventually the abuse would end in his death? I can’t help but imagine how filled with fear he must have been during the entire brutal beating. He must have been confused, lonely and terrified.

It doesn’t compute in my brain how something like this happens? I cannot swat a fly without apologizing to the universe for causing another living creature pain that ends in their death. So I really, and truly cannot process how four young people, three of whom are eighteen get it into their heads to take somebody captive, and torture them for five hours. Never mind the acts of violence committed against him, but to do all of it while posting it LIVE on Facebook? WTAF??? Like how did it get through their server? I’m not a computer person, so I don’t know how this works, but if I write an email with the name of a car manufacturer in the body of it, the next time I log on to my email account to write emails every single ad is about that brand of vehicle. So if they can “spy” on me and direct market to me in the span of ten minutes, why can’t they see a live video of violent crimes being committed against an innocent human? Can’t they see it, and track the IP address so that they can go rescue a victim? Shouldn’t that be a thing that can happen? It is so disturbing to me that anybody would think to act in the way these four people did, and that they also thought to stream it live. I don’t have the words.

And who the FUCK wants to hurt somebody in this manner in the first place? That blows my mind. I can’t even. Honest to God, what has happened to them in their own lives that they believe scalping a person is a just action to take against an innocent young boy who has zero to do with Donald Trump. Like he is mentally challenged, I highly doubt that your young friend went to the polls and voted in Donald Trump. Even if he had voted for him does that make the abuse, the violence and the cruelty that they put him through justified?

I mean this is a rhetorical question, you know I don’t expect you to give me an answer. I’m confident that you and I all agree. There is nothing under the sun that anybody could do to me, or even my children that would cause me to take another human being and torture them for five minutes, never mind five hours. I’m incredibly disturbed by this entire situation, and my heart bleeds for the unnecessary pain and suffering that poor young man endured at the hand of four more mentally disturbed people than the teen they attacked. I pray for his healing, and that the four get what they deserve.