We thought we knew our boy Kohl, turns out we didn't at all.

Isn’t life funny? We as humans think we know everything about the people we’re closest to, or in this case the dogs who live under our roofs. There is very good news with regards to our four legged son Kohl. The boys have been at boot camp since Monday October 10th. Kohl, because it literally was ordered by the doggie courts, and Duke because well, he’s a pain in the ass. Cute. But a seriously stubborn pain in the ass. Also, we’re hoping that the animal behaviourist, who also happens to be the woman who bred Duke’s mom and dad see how, or rather sees past his cat like attitude of being greater than everybody and not needing to listen to anyone on this earth, and use him to breed. Other than Duke’s stubborn streak the dog is, as our vet says, the healthiest English bulldog he’s ever come across in all his years of practice, and that without a doubt some of that good health needs to be put back into the English bulldog line as a gift to the breed, and the people who love them.

Then there is the final task at hand for having the boys with Sherri for the entire week; getting them wedding day ready. You see Brianna and Craig want the knuckleheads to be a part of their big day. Our boys are good dogs, they listen well, and will sit on command. But, will they walk to the altar, off leash, through a crowd of chairs and people they know without stopping to say “hey” or in Duke’s case, pee on a chair/leg or two along the way to the altar?

The answer is most definitely NO, and this is where Sherri comes in. Thank God.

Everyday we’ve been checking in with her to see how our “killer, goes for the throat” all the time dog, Kohl, is doing. Check this out. He’s doing amazing!!! She says he hasn’t even so much as barked at another dog, let alone started a fight. She says he is friendly, well mannered, and having the time of his life. That he loves being there and socializing.

Excuse me?

Come again? Are you sure you’re talking about Kohl. OUR KOHL.

She assures us that she’s most definitely talking about our boy Kohl. So what gives you ask? Well we wondered the exact same thing. Why is he such a menace to society when he’s with us? As some of you might already know and be saying out loud to yourselves as you read this…he is in full pack mode when he’s with us. He is asserting his position within his pack, and because he is the youngest, or omega, of us all his job is to alert the pack to danger, and to keep the pack from harm. So, his bad behaviour is actually GOOD behaviour misplaced. When he’s outside of his pack he doesn’t behave in that fashion, when he’s not with us, he’s able to simply be a good dog, living his best life, which makes me so happy. As his dog mom I couldn’t be happier knowing that a couple of times a year we can send him to a doggie daycare for a week at a time and he can holiday. Just as we do, where he can meet up with other dogs, run free, play and be a regular dog. Not that dog that needs a muzzle. Not that dog that feels he has to guard us at all times. And now, if this was even possible Yannick and I love that boy of ours even more. What a good, good, dog.

Duke, well he’s another story altogether. Yes he’s friendly, and gets along well with every single dog, but the off leash thing isn’t going so well for him. Kohl, as witnessed in a video Sherri sent us last night is having no trouble walking up the aisle, turning on command, and sitting forward facing to what will be the guests, and staying with NO PROBLEM. Meanwhile in the same video Duke, is being dragged up the aisle the entire way, on leash. What a brat!

He’s got two more days of training, let’s see if he can get it together in time for his kid. Fingers crossed!!!