Do you think it's possible to be fired as Matron of Honor, and as Mother of the Bride???

What a week, and it’s only Wednesday!! Do you know that all day yesterday I thought it was MONDAY. In fact I was so convinced that it was Monday I was even signing off emails, and texts with; “Happy Monday!” So confidently, so sure that it was Monday. Also that thing about Happy Monday is this, I always used it, did for many, many years, and then the whole Jian Ghomeshi thing happened, and I read that he used it, so I stopped. I mean, who wanted to be associated with him in any way shape or form. Not this girl. But, I’ve missed it, I love signing off like that, so I’ve added it back into my repertoire of saying hello, or goodbye on my messages, even on the wrong day. I guess spending seventeen hours in transit got me confused, feeling as if I didn’t really “live” Monday, therefore longing to reclaim it?

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm?

Who knows why I’ve been a day behind, but let me tell you, doing all the catch up work these past two days has not been the most fun I’ve ever had. I know one person who might not be so pleased with me acting like today was only Tuesday, Brianna, my bride to be. Here I am, not only Mother of the Bride, but also Matron of Honor, and guess what I didn’t do for her by end of the day today, like I was supposed???

Get her all the mailing addresses for her “Save the Dates”!! Oh, I’m scrambling now, sent out an 11th hour email, hoping that everybody will take pity on me, and respond to my email by the time I wake up at 7am West Coast time. If you who are reading this, and wouldn’t mind sending out a little prayer for this to be so for me, I would be most thankful.

Speaking of weddings, I don’t recall how I managed, at 19-20yrs of age with a toddler at home, to plan a wedding without the aid of one of those giant bride binders, or a wedding planner. How the hell did I get by? How on earth did I manage to walk down the aisle to meet YB at the end, without one of those wedding planning bibles that I’ve seen so many brides make all on their own? Have you ever seen one? Do any of you even know what I’m talking about? They’re INCREDIBLE. They’re so detailed, and organized, and fabulous. You would think that somebody like me with my OCD issues, and obsession toward ultimate organization would not only know about these, but would have had one of them. They’re incredible, when you use one not one single stone is left un-turned. The brides who have binders like this BLOW MY MIND. I mean for real, these are something else. I don’t know what they’re technically called, but I just call them wedding bibles, and they’re impressive.

Brianna doesn’t have one of those, nor do I. I didn’t have one for mine, and I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of how to even go about putting one together. So, by the grace of the Murdoch Gods, we’re fortunate enough to be able to put in our budget, a wedding planner, who instead of the two of us, will have one of these wedding bibles for us. And let me tell you, as I’m knee deep in rewrites of Black Picket Fence my friends, the wedding planner, who will have this wedding bible for us, is the one person on this planet that I’m truly most grateful for at this moment. Jennifer Bassett, of Bassett Events Inc, if you’re reading this, please know that I’m thankful for you like you might never, ever know. Everyday I think about the upcoming nuptials, there is a pang of panic, because I’m here, and Brianna is in Toronto, and the wedding is only seven months away, and then I remember you’re at the helm, and my shoulders drop six inches and I go back to some other important business that requires my attention. And that makes my heart sing, and my stress levels plummet!

Feeling beyond blessed, not going to lie! All hail Queen Jennifer!!