Do you think we can get the government out of our food so going to the market doesn't require a PHD???

Seriously I feel like I need to go back to school just to be able to make sense of all the “catch phrases” and “buzz words” they put on every single label that graces an egg carton, or loaf of bread these days.

What the hell is going on out there? I mean seriously friends. There are so many things to take into account now when you’re standing in the dairy aisle of the market. Actually, in any AISLE of the market.

Mikaela and I stood and pondered which rice cakes were the best ones for her to buy. Should she buy the; “organic, non GMO, gluten free, brown rice” version or, should she go for the; “non GMO, gluten free, ECO FRIENDLY FARMING, (this is a new one, hadn’t ever heard that one before!!) but NOT organic brown rice” version?? Do you do right by the planet, or right by your body??? Choices, choices.

I had a similar encounter at the packaged deli meat section. Kohl needs to take his heart medication every day, and from time to time both boys also require allergy pills for their paws. Since they eat a kibble diet I don’t have anything, save for leftovers, to hide their medications in. So, to always be sure that I have something to trick them with I buy them turkey cold cuts. So I stood there today staring at twelve packages of turkey meat. There was the organic, but not free range choice. Then I had the gluten, nitrite, casein free but not organic. I could also choose the all natural non GMO but neither free range, or gluten free. The pressure was mounting, what to do, what to do. What turkey meat I would pick?? I had this horrible feeling that there really was a chance that I could pick the “wrong one” and while I was standing there fretting that possibility, I started to doubt myself as a pet mom. How much did I love them? How much would I be willing to be spend on them for their health???

The nonsense of it all really got me thinking.

When did going to the market to buy food become such a scene? Like seriously, it’s not good enough to just buy cage free, hormone free eggs from chickens with a high quality of life. I need to also buy them soy free because soy creates estrogen in the body, which is not good for men or for my young daughters who might eat them. Then there was Mikaela standing there trying to determine which man made coconut milk was the best of all of them. Or should she buy Cashew milk?? How much fat do they all have? How much sugar? Which one has the least chemicals in it?? She strongly dislikes almond and dairy upsets her stomach. Rice is too bland…and on and on and ON it goes, along with all the things we don’t like as well as the choices.

Honestly, it is a God damn racket, and aggravation just to feed ourselves. They say when we eat we should be as calm as possible, it aids in digestion, helps your body to process fats, etc, etc, etc. How can I eat in peace when I can’t even buy myself food at the market without feeling like I need a stiff drink to accompany me through the aisles to calm me down while I make, what seem to be, life or death choices aisle after aisle.

I mean seriously friends. No wonder most of the world thinks we’ve gone made here in North America. Our damn grocery stores take us one hour to get through when all we’re trying to buy are “milk”, eggs, bread, and cold cuts. Every label has to be read, the sugar count has to be considered, where and how it was grown…blah blah blah. Stop this ride I want to get off. I’m not kidding.

If my dogs didn’t piss on every single thing I would seriously grow all my own stuff, have some chickens, and call it a damn day. Maybe, just maybe if our bloody governments would stop with all the chemical alteration of foods people could just waltz into a market and come out with their food to fuel their bodies, nourish their souls and keep their sanity. What are the chances we can get them to do that?

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…