Things that make me "go hmmm" point form edition

Whenever somebody begins a sentance with; “No offense, but…” I think to myself, if you have to preface what you’re about to say with “No offense, but” I happen to believe, that there is a little voice inside of you that knows that what you’re about to say, is potentailly offensive. Which then brings to mind, why say it all? I mean it’s not as if “I think you’re wonderful, and amazing” is going to follow up the “no offense” opener. It’s almost always something mildly negative, or hurtful, so maybe just keep that to yourself.

If you’re in a line behind others waiting to use the restroom trying to cut the line by saying “I really have to go.” That’s probably not going to get you any further ahead, because SURPRISE, everybody in the line has to go. That’s why we’re standing there, waiting.

Being rude to servers. Like ever.

The flucuation of gas prices, oil prices are down, gas prices go up. Long weekends are coming, gas prices go up.

Resturants that don’t take reservations. You don’t even want to take 50% resos, and leave the other 50% of the dining room available for walk ins? No? Ok.

People who prefer kindles, or whatever is the hottest “book” in a computer format thingy you can own. I love books. Everything about books, the smell, the feel of it in my hands, the weight of it. Don’t get the ebook thing at all. It’s why I’m busting my ass trying to get my book published, the good ole fashioned way. Hopefully it doesn’t kill me.

Why dogs like toilet water. I mean I know it’s because it’s SO COLD, and they have absolutely no idea that they’re drinking out of their human’s shit catcher, but still. Why? And while we’re on the subject, I still can’t get over the dog eating their own, or their buddies poop, Mack I’m talking to you. Yuck. Gross. Disgusting.

Pokemon GO. Don’t get this at all. Not in the slightest. Grown ass people getting all stupid out there, walking on train tracks, walking off the edge of cliffs, walking into live traffic, opening people’s gates, and wandering around private property, ringing doorbells of strangers homes asking if they can go in and get some rare cartoon, NOT REAL, critter inside. I mean, I guess I could spin it in a positive way, that it’s getting people up and at em. But can’t we have a balance of these “up and at em” people keeping their manners, and common sense in tact while they try “TO CATCH THEM ALL!!”

Honestly people, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.