There's no way the vegan yelling at the shoe salesman has any idea that her lip injections might have come from animals.

On Friday I was shopping in Neiman Marcus, a department store in LA. I’m on the hunt for the perfect strappy black shoe to wear with a black and gold Balmain dress that I’m wearing to my friend’s TIFF Gala for APJ on Sunday September 11th. I need a shoe that is ALL black, strappy, and open toe. A ridiculously tall order for the end of summer, since they’re already shoving winter shoes/boots down our throats.

While I was waiting for my sales person to bring me a stunning pair of Tom Ford’s to try on, I continued to wander around the shoe department, because what if there was another pair of shoes in desperate need of a good home? I had to know. While perusing the section I heard this woman Actually, I think the entire store heard her. She was taking issue with the salesman over a pair of Givenchy slides, that appeared to have rabbit fur on them. She demanded to know IF it was REAL fur. To which the salesman replied: “Yes it is real fur, and it is Mink, not Rabbit.”


“Well yes I suppose they could have. But this is a European design house, and chances are they breed the mink in captivity.”

OH. SHIT. That was NOT AT ALL the right thing for him to say. Because she went off.

There was a ton of swearing, there was plenty of “just because they do, doesn’t make it right…” On and on and on she went.

Finally the salesman, with the calmest voice, and with complete kindness looked at her and said; “I can see that animals mean a great deal to you. Since this is the case, I suggest you shop only Stella McCartney as she is 100% vegan in all her handbags and shoes.”

This shut her up. And put out her fire. Shortly after, she left.

The thing that I observed though, was the fact that she had the largest fake lips, and breasts that I’ve seen in a very long while. Listen I do my lips, I’m not anti-plastic surgery, at all. I say to each her own. Whatever makes you feel good when you look in the mirror, have at it.

My issue wasn’t with all her enhancements, my issue was, as it often is with vegans, is, do they really know the stats and damage all the things they are using/eating/supporting also have on our planet?

For example, if her lip injections aren’t JUVEDERM, there’s a high probability that they’re collagen. And guess where the collagen comes from??? You got it. Pig. Or cow. And if her collagen comes from China, well then it comes from dead babies, or dead prisoners. So take your pick. Some latex contains glycerin, which everybody knows comes from animal fat. Guess what the sacs of some implants have in them? Yup. Latex.

I mean talk about making me “go hmmm.”

Get off your high horse vegans. Be vegan cuz you want to be, because you believe in it, because your body thrives living that lifestyle. But for real, check the facts on the damage your almond milk is having on the planet, due to the insane amount of water it takes to grow/sustain an almond farm. While you’re at it, google some facts about the how rain forests are being raped and pillaged now that quinoa is valuable/essential to the vegan lifestyle, along with coconuts, and avocados.

See I know these simple facts about choices that vegans are making day in day out, and the negative impact they’re having on our planet, but do you think I’ve shared one word of my knowledge with any vegans that I know? No. I have not. Why? Because it is not my business. I have this knowledge, and I make my life choices based on it, I don’t beat others over the head with it. I’m not telling vegans not to be vegan. I’m just saying before you go stomping around shitting all over everybody who isn’t a vegan, know your facts about the impact that your life choices are also having on the planet. Perhaps when there is more knowledge about how none of us really has the complete answer on how to best honor our incredible planet. Maybe, just maybe if we all pat one another on the back for trying anything at all to ensure that we leave Mother Earth better than we found her, then we might just get along.

Something to chew on.

xo Shantelle

P.S I’m not pro-fur. I don’t wear it and I don’t buy it. But hey, my favorite aunt, and one of my most lovely friends have entire closets filled with fur coats, and guess what? I still love them. I also don’t tell them not to wear fur. Live and let live.