Being thankful isn't always easy, but one thought a day can change your life.

Tomorrow is Canadian Thanksgiving but my family and I celebrate today, Sunday. We prefer to spend our Monday in pj’s for the better part of the day, and take it easy before getting back to the grind on Tuesday. Since we celebrate today I want to share the things that I’m thankful for today, and encourage you who are reading this to meditate on the things that you’re thankful for, even if it’s not your holiday.

I’m naturally a competitive A type person. I’m sad to admit that I spent most of my life comparing myself to others, and looking back at all the things that I thought I wanted from this life. Which as we all know is a horrible self punishing way to treat oneself. Because I know that I’m this way, I have to really focus on not being this way. This calls for starting everyday with focusing my heart on my blessings, I follow all sorts of social media accounts that bring my attention back to gratitude so that even throughout my day I’m brought back to being centered, and living in truth. And the truth is; “what’s mine is mine and what isn’t never was.” Another truth I repeat to myself daily is; “every breath is a blessing” because it really is. I mean you just need to turn on the news to know that this is true. Every day before I close my eyes I meditate on three things I’m thankful for, and even when it’s been a shitty day, and my mood is that there is NOTHING, I find the same three that so far, are always, and forever unwavering.

  1. I’m thankful that today we have been protected by angels. That Yannick, our girls and I along with all the people who we love have gotten from point A to point B safely. This is a blessing. Not every single person gets this gift.
  2. I’m thankful to have a roof over my head that has water, heat, and electricity.
  3. I’m thankful for my health, the health of my husband, my children and all the people I love.

When I focus on these truths it makes finding the other golden nuggets of blessings easier to spot. Because the thing about gratitude is that no matter how challenging life might be, regardless of how far off the mark you feel like you are from your life goals/expectations, or even if you’ve lost love, or somebody you love. Having these three things in your life each and every day will help you find your centre, and if you can find it you can be thankful. And the funny thing about life; when you have things to focus on to be grateful for, life gives you more things to be joyful about.

I’ve learned this the hard way. I’ve learned this to be true by spending too many days staring at my own belly button, bitter, envious, and jealous. The sad thing about living this way, is that life really is incredibly short, and time marches on around you. Time will pass whether or not you’re living a joyful life, or an unhappy one. The day will come when it all ends, and what I decided about myself is that I want to get to my end knowing that I lived the best life I could. And the only way to do this my friends is by living a life of gratitude; on good days and more importantly, on bad days.

So I inspire you to find even just one thing to be thankful for today, and everyday. Do this and watch your life become your best life, maybe not the life you envisioned for yourself, but a beautiful one nonetheless.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Love SB xo