Are thank you notes out of fashion???

Happy Friday everybody! Hope you all had an awesome week! After being treated to an incredibly long drawn out fall, it appears that winter has arrived, hopefully with the intention of giving us a white Christmas here in Toronto! Fingers crossed.

As Christmas draws near I’m confident you’re all as busy as I am, which is why I know you’ll forgive that today will be a quick post, because “tis the season” of Christmas luncheons and Christmas dinners/parties! I have one of each today, so as I’m popping into my house to change my outfit and reapply make up, but wanted to make sure and drop you a little post of something that makes me go “hmmm” before I go.

People who don’t write thank you notes.

Excuse you. I know you know where I live because you found my address to INVITE me to your baby shower, engagement party, bridal shower/wedding. So I know you definitely have the information you need to drop me, and every other person who not only took the time out of their lives to come and celebrate you on your new journey, but came bearing gifts. Yannick and I have been to close to ten weddings in as many years, and only TWO people have sent handwritten thank you notes for our gift and our attendance. TWO OUT OF TEN. In this number I’m also including “email thank you notes” because I understand that for some people this is how they invite people to their stuff these days, which would then make sense that it would be the same way they say thank. So after events where that was they’re invitation style of choice I’ve watched my inbox waiting for the thank you note that never came. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

TWO OUT OF TEN?! Unacceptable. I would have understood if these were of the “younger generation” who didn’t take the time to be “old fashioned” and extend their gratitude to friends and family, but I’m talking even people quite close to our age who have gotten married and didn’t send thank yous.

This seems to be the norm for baby showers too. I go run around ticking items off their list for them, get them wrapped, do my hair, make up, put on a lovely outfit, drive to the baby shower, expectant mother opens gifts, everybody leaves and no thank you note is ever sent. Ever.

What gives, is this the new normal??

Am I expecting too much of people?

Are thank you notes, “out of fashion?”

Is an in person thank you at the moment of them accepting a gift sufficient?

I for one don’t think so, I’m on the side of the fence that you took the time to invite me, you accepted my gift, so take the time to thank me.

Can I get an amen on this???