Ten seasons, number 1 show in the country, sold in 110, millions of fans but no nomination. Not once???

How is that after ten seasons, 150 episodes, airing in more than 110 countries, being the lead actor of, what is consistently the number one Canadian series, with thirty four years in the industry but Yannick Bisson has never received a best actor nomination, truly makes me go “hmmm.”

And before anybody sends me a note saying how dare I be pissy when so many other, also worthy, talented actors are rejoicing at their own nominations, save it. I’m not married to them. I’m also not taking anything away from them. This is not what this post is about at all. Rather, this post is addressing the elephant in the room, as to why Yannick, never, ever gets nominated for a best actor award, ever. Guys, he’s been at this for almost thirty five years. Does the academy, and the jury, which for your information is made up of his peers, really, truly believe that Yannick has not done one performance in close to thirty five years worthy of a nod? I’m not even saying a WIN. I’m just talking about a NOD. Just going through the motions of giving the illusion that you think he’s doing good work. The fact that all of you really believe that over ten years, one hundred and fifty hours of television, for Murdoch ALONE, you can’t find ONE SCENE to nominate him for? Is well, quite frankly bullshit. And before you say I don’t know the process of the voting. I have news for you. I sat on one of the panels for the CSA one time, so I have an idea of who sits in the room deciding who is even getting nominated. The reason I only sat on it once, was because I didn’t agree with the process of how the nominations are handed down, so instead of being a hypocrite, I not only refused any further invites to sit on one of these nomination juries, I also stopped being a member of the academy.

The problem with my husband’s work on Murdoch, which I will have you know is damn hard work, is that he makes it look so easy. But I have news for you, as a recovering actress, let me share some tricks of the trade with you. The easiest thing to do in a scene, when faced with a conflict, is to lose your mind. It’s so easy to blow up, scream, and cry. What is difficult, is to maintain your composure. It’s not in human nature to handle a difficult situation with a level head. For a man like Yannick, who is a tequila drinking, dirty joke loving, throw himself down a mountain on either a bike, or skis, sort of man, to play a buttoned up, tightly wound, unemotional character is WORK. Yannick IS ACTING. But because it doesn’t look like he is, I guess that means he isn’t, which means he cannot be nominated???

I wish we had Leo’s phone number, I’d like to know how he got through all those years of being underappreciated, and overlooked. I know one thing for sure, my man, truly doesn’t care. He believes a nomination would be bad luck for both his career, and his hit series, so he doesn’t even want it. But I care. I care because I know how loyal he is to his country. I care because I know how hard he works on his show. I care because I know how different William Murdoch is from Yannick Bisson.

They couldn’t be more different. Trust me when I say, Yannick Bisson IS acting, even if you don’t think he is. Maybe you just think he is doing it badly? And if that’s the case then I suggest you get the box sets of the first nine seasons and watch them through, then message me and tell me if there isn’t one scene, not ONE, that was worthy of a nod.

In the spirit of full disclosure, here is the thing that bothers me the most about the whole damn thing. So many Canadians get on a plane to work in a America, but get all sorts of Canadian accolades. Stars on the walk of fame, even though they don’t give any of their tax dollars into the Canadian system, many of them don’t even film in Canada anymore. Nor have they raised their families in Canada, or give any of their time, or heart to local charities. Yet they get awards, and accolades galore. Then you have a Canadian actor, who goes to Ottawa on behalf of his union, looks after kids in need in his city through his charitable work, mentors young actors as not only a lead actor, but an executive producer and director, who is so wonderful and gracious that most of his original key crew still work with him. AND, although his industry, his peers, the academy doesn’t want to acknowledge him, or even thank him for his years of devotion, they all want to know if he wouldn’t mind signing a photo for somebody they know who just loves him in Murdoch.

Go figure.

**photo by @thekittyholland**