While on the subject of contract workers, why do the workers that come to our house regularly, knowing we have dogs, leave the gate open???

Apparently there is a dog on the loose in our neck of the woods who busted out of his property because some workers left him an opening out of his yard. It’s also been revealed that this pup is injuring other dogs, this is awful for every single human and pup involved in this nightmare. This is something that seriously makes me go “hmmm.” Workers not being mindful of the safety of not only the pets ON the property where they’re working, but also for those other animals out living their lives in the world. This is something that I’m pissed to admit has happened to us a few times recently. We have a few different companies that are on and off our property every single week; maintenance for the spa, a gardener, and poop scooper all come twice a week to help me out. They all know that we have three dogs on the property, especially the guy who’s picking up all their poop, and they should know better then to leave the gate to our yard open. Yet it happens more regularly than I would like it to. I would like it to never, ever happen, because as we all know Kohl does this thing sometimes, that our daughters refer to as “black out” and goes completely insane on other dogs. Not all dogs all the time, in fact the smaller the dog the less likely it is that Kohl will try to give them an education in how things go in his world. It is so hilarious to watch Kohl get bossed around by dogs that in some cases are literally smaller than his stuffies. Too funny.

But I digress. I’m not here to talk about Kohl and his squeaky dog toys, or his bipolar behavior I’m here to ask the question out loud; why do workers who know the property, who know there are dogs on site leave without making sure the gate to the property is shut tight behind them? I mean I have you here to help me. I need help maintaining my outdoor space, with Yannick filming anywhere from 10-14 hours five days a week, and because I’m running two houses, all the bills, paperwork, associated to Mr. B’s life, three dogs, groceries, laundry, three daughters, my daily blog and working on two books at the same time means I have zero time to mow my lawn, or pick weeds. I need your help. This is why you got the job, but it is no help to me whatsoever if you come to do your work, and I’m out running an errand and come home to learn that my dogs were out and about the neighborhood while I was gone. I left while you were here, my poor cleaning lady assumed the gate was closed because it was closed when she got her and closed when I left. Yet I return home and the gate was magically left open?? Thank God a neighbor brought Kohl home…Duke doesn’t like to venture very far away from the house, and Mack, well Mack will always go right to the front door if he manages to get out of the yard. His brother Kuda was the runner, Mack has always been the homebody, he has been this way his entire life. Kohl on the other hand is the hunter of the group. He literally rotates throughout the day, going from window to window, watching and stalking squirrels, birds, cats and as you saw on my Instagram feed, the occasional opossum. He unfortunately cannot be trusted to be out in the world all on his own. This is why it is imperative that anybody coming and leaving from our houses does their due diligence and closes the gate behind them.

The funniest part of all of this, funny in a “are you kidding me nobody is going to take ownership for this” sort of way, is trying to find out who keeps leaving it open. I tell you it’s the best game of pass the buck I’ve ever been dragged into. I call one company and they’ll be like; “Oh we have a note on the file that they’re to double check before walking away from the property.” Or, “we didn’t have anybody onsite that day, so it wasn’t our guys, so sorry Mrs. Bisson.” Okay well then you probably want to deduct that service date fee from my invoice that you just emailed me, just sayin…

Anyway it goes on and on, circle jerk around. Meanwhile I’m like I don’t really give a rat’s ass who did it, I just want you all to know that I need you all to NOT do it, ever. The consequences for us, and our sweet boy should he get out and really injure somebody’s beloved four legged kid are too severe. So we need everybody to be a part of the team and keep Kohl inside, we’re not going to have him living his entire life in his muzzle just in case somebody with nothing to lose neglects to shut our gate.

As for the black dog running around our ravine today, attacking other dogs. Well I pray you find your way back home and that the workers in your life don’t make that same mistake twice. More importantly while you were out on your wild, half murderous rampage I truly hope that nobody’s beloved pets were seriously injured by you. Because I know if you were with your owners, out and about in the world responsibly, I believe you would be behaving like a good canine citizen, as does Kohl when he’s in the care of his humans.

So for any people reading this who are entrusted with managing properties that have dogs on them, please be kind and close the gates behind you.

Us pet owners, and our four legged kids all thank you.