Is there a standard for the correct amount of hang out time post sex?

How much time after sex is the “right” amount of time for a lover to stick around post sex, I’m asking for a friend???

After waking me up to make love to me, and then taking me out for breakfast, YB rushed through our meal and then ran out of the restaurant like it had caught fire so he could meet up with his friends for a bike ride. I have no problem with him going for a ride today, I have a full afternoon of appointments myself, so no sense him sitting here all alone. But, to say I feel like I’ve been placated is an understatement. I mean I get the “have your cake and eat it too” but I’m trying to figure out if I’m the cake and the “eating it too” is his bike, or is it the other way around here??? Am I alone in thinking that post sex there should be a required amount of time that your lover should hang out with you?? I mean yeah it was nice, he let me sleep in two hours after he woke up. He’s an early to bed, and early to rise sorta guy, to my nighthawk, sleeping in habits. He jumps for joy whenever I agree to slip into bed with him before 10pm. I think he feels he has won the lottery when that happens. Which I might point out is happening more and more now that the girls don’t live with us. When they did I used those two, or three hours between when they went up to their rooms and I went to sleep, as my down time or my alone/quiet time; and so began the pattern of me going to bed too late.

Anyway, it was too funny, Yannick always knows he has to work that little bit harder if he wants morning sex since I am SOOOOO NOT a morning person. I’m not chatty in the morning, I prefer to move slowly, and quietly, which works out perfectly for us, since most days he’s out of the house before 7am either to film, or to bike ride. It gives me a couple of hours to just pull myself together before I start with my days work. But there is the odd morning, like today, when he’s got nothing planned until mid-day and I’m literally a sleeping target. Here I was basking in how lovely a nice sleep in, good shag, a yummy breakfast at a new place we’d never been to, was. I even started to fantasize that our morning might include a hike in the ravine with the boys…then he dropped the hammer. Had to eat FAST so he could get to his buddies and his bike ride on time.

WTAF? I’ve been duped. I would have luxuriated in bed reading had I known I was only going to get 60 minutes post fornication with him. Sneaky shit. I mean, I’m not saying I would have said no to him, I’m just saying I would stayed in bed and read for a little while instead of rushing, rushing, rushing, so he could ride.

I wonder what dating people do? Is there an unspoken standard, of how much time one is expected to chill post sex out there that I’m not familiar with when you’re dating? Does the amount of time differ between married people and dating people? Do married people not have that same criteria since we’re under the same roof day in, day out? I don’t normally wonder about this since I don’t really recall the jump in the car, get to breakfast, eat fast, pay, jump back in the car, rush home thing ever happening between me and YB. We’ve had plenty of “do it fast” the kids are getting home in 8 minutes sort of sex over our thirty years. But the rushing through the after time together has never happened. Not that I recall, and has me wondering all sorts of things now about what is the right amount of time to chill after making love before one of you takes off for the day? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

PHOTO CREDIT: @thekittyholland