Sometimes life throws you curve-balls, and sometimes it throws you stomach yeast, and parasites..

Today’s post almost didn’t happen…I’ve been in bed for the better part of twenty eight hours. I climbed into my bed around 4pm yesterday, and only got out of it today because I had an appointment with a specialist, that took me a month to get, so I’d be damned if I was rescheduling that. (Yay social health care.) The other time I left my bed was when I had to leave my house while a parade of engineers, and representatives for everybody we’re suing for the floor fiasco in our house had to come through to make sure the floors really are a write off. Once I did those two things I climbed right back into my bed, which is where I’m writing this from.

As you all know I said this is my summer of getting to the bottom of my health issues. I have a good handle on some of the big stuff, the Peri-menopause, the bio-identical hormone protocol, eating all organic at home, blah, blah, blah. I’m pretty good at taking care of not only my health, but my family’s as well.

Or so I thought.

If I am then why are three of us, regularly, unwell? This is what I want to get to the bottom of, so I decided to do a live blood cell analysis, and what it came back with wasn’t pretty. Thank God my cells are healthy, robust, and plentiful. There is no impending disease, so YAY ME. I’m doing a good job at caring for my body. But, I am overrun with two things that are a bit of a pain in the ass to not only live with, but get rid of.

Candida. And, parasites. Usually, since we have dogs, and eat everything organic I typically do a parasite cleanse every single year. But lately due to all the back and forth between our two places those cleanses have fallen by the wayside. And let me tell you this, I’m paying for it now. Candida and parasites go hand in hand. Usually where you have one, you have the other. They love one another. They each create the perfect habitat for the other. So rather than screw around and eliminate one, and then the other, I opted to attack both at the same time…for the first two weeks all was fine. That is until yesterday morning. As of yesterday morning I legitimately thought I was dying. The pain, the lethargy, the bathroom breaks, of which I will not get into the disgusting gory details on, were all too much to bear.

I’m a woman who gave birth three times naturally. I taught 15 classes of TaeBo a week with bulging discs, three of them. I’m no wuss. I can take quite a bit of pain. But man oh man this was something else. I almost burst into tears a good dozen times. I wanted to pull a Game of Thrones and have a giant wolf tear my stomach out of my body, but alas that only happens on television. Instead I’ve had to live through it. And here I am, hopefully, prayerfully, close to the other side of purging this mess out of my blood and my body.

Only time will tell. Wish me well my friends.