Short but sweet post from the sky friends, living like a rock star and loving it!

Today’s post will be short and sweet, like me, unless I’ve had too much wine, then I’m short and spicy. Something I didn’t tell you about, was because last year was my “Year of Yes” I decided to make this year, my “Year of firsts” which will run in tandem with my continuing attitude of saying yes. Which is one of the reasons why, since January 22nd I’ve flown to LA, then back to Toronto; because it was requested that I make another appearance on The Goods. Since I decided to take my “Year of Yes” on a stadium tour, post arena tour, I had no choice, I had to go back and shoot the episode. So off I went. Home for five days, dinners with friends we haven’t spent one on one time with in years, which was INCREDIBLE, two sets of friends like this in fact, old tried and true friends too.

Then back on a jet to LA for one night in my own bed, with my dogs, who are quite sure, at this point that I’m no longer their dog mom, because the following day, Wednesday, I got in an Uber, was dropped off at my girlfriend’s house to get on another plane to head out to Nashville bright and early this morning. And I’m nowhere near done with travel. February 24th gotta fly to Toronto to be sure to arrive in time for YB’s Award of Excellence award ceremony on the 25th, from there, at the break of dawn we’re off to Kelowna BC for the wedding of his youngest brother, March 1st. We will get to LA to settle in, proper, for our winter break beginning March 3rd, and as of right now, while I’m writing this post, there is no more travel in my future, until the return trip to Toronto, tentatively scheduled for around Yannick’s birthday in May.

I simply couldn’t resist this girl’s weekend with my west coast Bestie. 1) Because it’s with her, and she and I always have a blast with each other and 2) I’ve never been to Nashville, and have always wanted to go. Which means Nashville checks off both commitments; a YES, and FIRST. So it had to be done. Regardless of the fact that, shit friends, I am tired. Saying YES and being determined to have a year of FIRSTS, is fucking exhausting, and I’m only at February 9th.

I know this maybe sounds like a complaint, but it really, and truly is not. I mean yes, I am dog tired, but I’m also feeling quite exhilarated by all the back and forth, the too few hours of sleep, and the new town, new bed lifestyle I’m currently living. It is surprisingly freeing, exciting, and some what decadent. Which is why I’m not complaining. I actually feel I’m blessed beyond belief to have the time, and the ability to say yes to things that have always been on my list. Besides, doing things that bring us joy are more important than ever I believe. With all the sadness, turmoil, and upset that we’re inundated with each and every day, where’s the harm in getting some joy out of life when you can get it?

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.