Because she's famous, she somehow deserved it???

For the record I am NOT a Kardashian fan. I am not a Jenner fan. I am most definitely not a Kayne West fan. I, like many of you have strong opinions about how they got to be so outrageously famous in the first place. Two of my three daughters, and I, have had plenty of heated debates about the family. I for one am disgusted that Kim’s own mother, Kris, “allegedly” sold her sex tapes, in an attempt to “get out in front” of the shit storm coming their way. As a mother, there is no way in hell I would toss my daughters out into the world of reality television the way Kris did.

And before you say; “well nobody has ever asked to see your daughters in a reality TV show.” Yes they have. But that’s another story.

I don’t subscribe to the hype around them. I’m not interested in shopping at their stores, buying their emojis, or apps, or make up. I could honestly care less about them. In fact, I rarely think about them at all.

This is my opinion. And I am entitled to it, as are you.

Speaking, as a non-Kardashian fan I will say this though. The world has gone completely mad. The comments I have been reading on the WORLD WIDE WEB, are for the most part, horrifying. Overwhelmingly the people who are taking the time to comment, are vile, crass, seemingly deeply angry people. From what I can make of the comments, they appear to be filled with jealousy because Kim, has got so much, while they in turn have so little. Stating that due to the fact that she has an insane amount of wealth, she somehow “got what was coming to her” or “what did she expect parading around like a whore in Paris, and showing off??”

Oh, and let me clarify here too. I think the way she dresses is outrageous. As a woman, I would never step out in the world the way she does. Not for a minute. But then again, I don’t have her body, so why would I? Also, it’s really none of my business how she chooses to dress. Live and let live, no?

Back to the point of my post. I don’t really believe that any of what she did in Paris, or has done in the past warrants an armed robbery. Kim isn’t in the wrong here people, the robbers are. I mean HELLO. They committed a CRIME. She’s just a narcissistic wealthy, young beautiful woman living her one life the way she wants to. Whether we like it, or her, it’s really none of our business. It’s sort of like, if you don’t like the TV show, change the channel. You know, if you don’t like it, don’t look. Nobody is forcing anybody on this earth to pay attention to Kim. She’s famous because many people do like her, they do care what she wears, where she goes, and what she’s saying. If you don’t. Just look away. It is so completely shocking to me that there are, thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people who truly believe, that simply because she got her start due to a “leaked” sex tape, and because she’s got an insane body, that she confidently dresses, and photographs, she’s a whore? She’s a whore who deserves to be robbed. She’s a wealthy, whore who deserves to be robbed at gunpoint way more than any other fellow human being who walks upon this earth.

Here’s the thing, people/haters; this is where your thinking is wrong. Nobody. Not a single soul on this planet deserves to have a violent act committed against them. Her wealth, her flashing of her it, or the way she dresses, none of these actions, give five armed men the right to take her at gunpoint, tie her up, and rob her. It doesn’t make it right for people to do this to her, anymore than it does to you grandma down the street where Kim might live, as some of you have pointed out on social media.

Let’s all say this out loud together:

Violent acts committed against any other fellow human being are not okay, no matter their station in this life.

And to the people who are calling her a bad mother because her kids weren’t in the room with her; or are wondering why they weren’t. Can we at least all agree that it is an absolute blessing that they were NOT there! Imagine how horrifying, traumatizing it would have been on them to have also been tied up at gunpoint. Dislike the woman all you want, but to insinuate that her children not being caught up in the entire robbery somehow makes her a worse mother, I say; give your heads a shake. It is the ONLY GOOD thing about what happened to her.

Here is the thing about life. Some people have more than you have. There are also those who have less. If we focus on everybody else, and how they might have what we wish we had, we miss out on this one life that we were gifted with. We will miss out on enjoying our life in all it’s messiness, difficulties, hardship, and struggle. If we focus on what other people have been given, that we have not been, we will miss out on celebrating all our own victories, accomplishments, joys, gifts, and beauty that this life also has to offer.

It’s about making lemonade out of lemons people. It’s about, even if we don’t like somebody, even if we’re so green with envy at how they took their own stupidity, because let’s be honest, making a sex tape is just flat out dumb. I mean come on people, get it together, it will get out, someway, somehow, you and your lover will not be the only people enjoying the playback of your bedroom shenanigans. Especially if like Kim, you have any desire to be famous, if it’s something you’re actively working toward, like she was; don’t make a sex tape. It’s a bad idea. It’s always been a bad idea.

Sadly we live in a time where everybody with access to a keyboard can spew cruelty faster than it takes them to really contemplate their thoughts. To really be with them, meditate on them, say them out loud before “speaking” them to the world. I used to have a friend who was famous for saying; “Will I use my powers for good, or evil today??” He was in the habit of saying this because he’s a genius hacker. There wasn’t a firewall he couldn’t get around, he was so good he was hired by a top government department to secure their systems. I can’t tell you who he works for, because it’s top secret.

I leave you with this final thought. We all have immense power within us. We have the ability to make a difference in our world, to be a bearer of peace and love, or to go forward into the world and heap hot coals on the fire of bitterness and jealously. It’s all up to you. Who are you going to be in the world?

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…