Are they seriously allowing open carry at Texas Universities???

I don’t live in Texas.

Our youngest daughter doesn’t go to school in Texas, after what I read today, I thank God all day long for that…

What the fuck gives in Texas??

Open carrying is allowed on campuses.


Let me get this straight.

Young adults, straddling the age group most prone to depression, anxiety, violent outbursts, and jealous rages, are the most recent group of people, who are now allowed to legally “open carry”guns?

So, if a bunch of young adults are at a party, where drugs and alcohol are involved, and let’s just hypothetically suggest, that maybe one of the young females in attendance isn’t interested in her suitor, says no, and he can like what? Threaten with his open carry gun? Or better yet get her to have sex with him at the idea that “he’s packing??” Or you know one guy is getting with a girl that this other guy has been trying to get with for like FOREVER, so he tells the dude to back off, she’s his. The other guy is like “too bad, she digs me I dig her” so the dejected suitor pulls out his gun…

I mean the numerous potential scenarios of how south this law could go in a heartbeat are just too overwhelming to actually believe that it is a legal thing.

I seriously cannot.

And I thank God that I neither live, visit, or have family in Texas.

May the good sense, of somebody new elected, come November, bring with them the reversal of this asinine law. Because the last thing this age group needs is the bravado that comes with an object that does the killing for you.

“Cuz you know the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”

Yeah right.