What secrets do Helen, Meryl and Susan all have that we don't have???

There are some things I don’t mind having in excess.

Love. Freedom. Kindness. Time. Money. Travel. Time. Did I already say that??? I guess it’s because it is important to me, and something that I feel I never have enough of.

There are also things that I have no desire to have in my life at all, never mind in abundance.

Hate. Racism. Poverty. Hunger. Weight.

I enjoy being fit. I enjoy not busting out of my blouses. I prefer to not have a belly snake rolling over my belts. But for some reason, the older I get, the less it seems to be that my body fat is in line with my desires. I swear I think about cake and I gain two pounds. If I look at an ice cream cone, I pop a button on my blouse. It’s ridiculous, and it’s unfair. Can’t I live???

In my closet there are beautiful dresses that still have the tags on them, because they “almost” fit when I purchased them, and then the fitting thing, just didn’t happen, no matter how many hours of working out I put in. So off I would go to the store to buy the next size up. They fit, and I may have been lucky enough to wear them, once. Then guess what happened? They also ended up not fitting.

What in the hot hell is going on, body, metabolism, fat fairies??

I work out 5-10 hours a week, I LOVE working out. It is a good time. I don’t only do it to lose weight, I do it because I need it. Without it I can be a little hard to handle, it helps me to blow off steam, and get rid of excess stress. Losing weight is a bonus. IF the weight would come off. But for some reason the extra pounds that decided to join my team, starting five years ago, five pounds every year, seem to be not only content to stick around, but DETERMINED to stay. It wouldn’t bug me so much except you know I have a closet full of clothes that I’d love to wear. Also I prefer having one chin, not two. Chins are not something I want to have in excess either.
In LA you don’t see many double chins. I mean you see a ton of man made chins, which is something else that is pretty disturbing.

Something that is cuter with more rolls than not. Babies. Babies with chubby elbows, stomach rolls, and skin rolling over their teeny tiny wrists and ankles is adorable. In fact the chubbier the baby the better. But personally for me, I’m not going for that. I’m thinking more along the lines of aging like Helen Mirren, not like Jabba the Hott. It’s not my goal to put on five to ten pounds every year. I mean people let’s do the math. I’m forty-seven. If I live another forty years, that would be 200-400lbs. And I am NOT DOWN FOR THAT. It is not where I see myself in my older years. I’m feeling the Meryl, Helen, Susan Sarandon aging method. Do they have a manual I can buy? Are there articles they’ve written to help a bitch out?

This is really something that makes me “go hmmm” I need to know what they know. I have to learn the secret of getting to menopause without growing an extra person. There has to be a way, and I want to find it.