Scared drivers, people who lie, Mack's decline, and other things that make me go "hmmm..."

Not going to lie, I’m in a pissy mood today. This usually happens around this time, around the two week mark before heading back to Toronto. It’s not that I don’t love my hometown, once I’m back there and settled, I’m quite content. I just don’t like leaving the easy pace, all the nature, and beauty of our home here in Cali, to head back to the “concrete jungle.” Everything seems so hard, loud, crowded, and man made. It is a huge culture shock getting my city legs back under me, and definitely takes me a good month to adjust to life there. Not that you care about my gripping, but I figured I had to give the 411 as to why, today, I’m giving you a few different things that make me go “hmmm.” So, sit back and enjoy!

How do critters know when to cross the road??? I ask this in earnest. I’ve always wondered how do squirrels, deer, Ferrel cats, and raccoons know when to cross the road. Think about it. Considering how many of them are out there roaming the planet freely, with no parents telling them to look both ways, how do they manage it? Why aren’t there more of them getting hit by cars? In my opinion, I’d say there’s a lower rate of dead ones than I for one would think there would be.

For the life of me I will never, ever, understand why people drive if they’re afraid to do it. Like why get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle if you’re afraid that you might have an accident, and die? Take transit, let somebody else sweat out the details of getting you from point A to point B; don’t take your scaredy cat self through canyons where the consequence, should you make a driver error, can send you plummeting down 500 feet. This is not the place for you to be. Nor is it at all cool for you to drive it anyway, twenty miles below the speed limit. Take another route, the route not built for people with weak stomachs.

Mikaela is currently cuddled up in our living room watching the HBO series, The People VS OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, and it reminds me, as I listen to it in the background, of how utterly shocking it is that he got off. Like how the actual hell did that man get away with murdering two people? And, the people who sat on that jury, I wonder how they feel about what they did; letting that man walk free.

Hearing. Where is mine going????

When people lie to you, and you know they’re lying, are you supposed to challenge them, or, allow them to continue living on their Island of Denial, thinking they’re pulling one over on you??? This is one I still don’t have a solid answer for.

Why is my dang ankle not getting better? I had x-rays, I know nothing is broken, but why does it still swell up to twice its regular size the minute I try to workout, or not wear my brace??? It’s been two weeks, I have a wedding to go to next weekend, and at this rate, there’s seriously no point in taking any heels with me. Total drag.

And finally, this is not a happy thing that makes me go “hmmm” and in fact, it is probably playing a very large part in my shitty mood…Mack is really declining. Rapidly now. Losing weight because he can’t stand on his legs long enough to eat enough food. His eyes look sad, as if he’s not sure why he struggles to get up, why his legs splay out in the splits from simply standing still. When is it the time to let him go? I mean, if he didn’t have the adrenal tumor, I would totally get him a set of rear leg dog wheels. But it’s not just his Degenerative Myelopathy. He has cancer. Inoperable cancer. Kohl is beside himself, and becoming depressed, he knows Mack is not well, and Duke is also clingy and on guard; everybody is brokenhearted watching the alpha decline. It seems cruel to me to allow him to deteriorate in this manner, but he’s Mikaela’s boy, and she’s not ready to say good-bye…

So for now, I guess we wait, and hope he says good-bye to us the good ole fashion way, in his sleep…