Who says dreams don't come true??? Thanks to people like you, they really do!!

At long last, one of my childhood dreams has come true. I’m officially a published writer. Today it is Huffington Post online; http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/shantelle-bisson/financial-umbilical-cord_b_15060304.html soon it will be a book publishing deal.

I attribute this reality to two facts.

  1. never give up, no matter how long the journey, no matter the number of obstacles that come your way that attempt to throw you off your course, your destiny, you must keep going in the direction of your dream, and passion.
  2. YOU. All of you who come to my blog day in, day out, and enjoy my musings; who have shared my site with your friends, family and co-workers. Thank you for encouraging me with your comments, your interaction, and your TIME. I’m deeply grateful, and nobody would want to publish me if you hadn’t already jumped on my writing bandwagon, so I thank you.

There have been more days, than I’d care to admit where I’ve thought about throwing in the towel. Hours spent in front of my computer screen where nothing would come out. Days where I struggled to find something, anything at all to muse about, because I am a woman of my word, and I had committed to all of you that I would write a blog about my DAILY MUSINGS. DAILY. Which meant that I couldn’t write every other day, or two to three times a week, I had to write daily, and so I have. Even during my moments where I was blue, disappointed, or I was uninspired. I dug inside and found something for you, and because of you. So thank you.

This first article being published has shown me that dreams really do come true.

That is never to late to go after them.

And that passion, drive, determination and balls, even if they all come without a degree on a wall, can amount to something.

This is the beginning of my something. I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Thank God for Shonda Rhimes and her Year of Yes, which started this whole train rolling January 2016, and that has now parlayed into a second Year of Yes, in tandem with a Year of First. I am moved by my own ability to not quit, even when there seemed like no other option. Had I given into fear, and doubt at any point in my journey, I wouldn’t be sitting here today, accomplishing something that the 11 year old girl in me first dreamed of while writing poetry in her bedroom all alone.

Thanks for being the wind beneath my wings, each and every one of you.

So much love for you,

xo SB