I say live and let live even if you suspect a friend of cheating.

I find the social commentary so fascinating when it comes to things like fidelity, raising kids, and of course politics. Especially when asking men their thoughts, or how they would handle certain matters. I love how different the sexes are. I for one have been in the, What Would You Do Wednesday, scenario more times than I care to admit, and honestly have done every one of the options of how to handle the adulterer.

For me it always depended on how close I was to the couple. If I was super close then there was a stern conversation had between me and the cheater, not so close then I just simply took option D, no skin off my nose, and usually, the couples always stay together. I said USUALLY. Not ALWAYS so no need to “come for me” people.

The bottom line is this: we never know what the arrangement is within a relationship, like some of you said, people might have an open relationship, which for me would never work. I’m sorry. But I’m a possessive bitch, what’s mine is mine, I don’t share my car with people, what the hell makes you think I’d share my man? Some people are cool with this, and this is no judgement, but I don’t get that, I don’t get that at all. How does one sleep at night when the bed is empty beside them? Where is my partner? Who are they with? Is it the same person as the last time? Are they falling in love with that person?


It would drive me absolutely bonkers, so the “open marriage” thing, nah, I’m going to take a hard pass on that.

Nobody can really know what is going on in other people’s set ups, and one thing I can say for certain, as many of you have said, is that it really is none of my business. I’ve had it go so wrong in the past when I thought I was doing the right thing by letting the person who was being cheated on know, but in the end, they picked their man, and our friendship died an immediate death.

To each their own, whether it be plastic surgery, whom they love, what religion they practice, and whether or not they like to step out of their relationship and mix it up. It is none of my business, and even if I love my friend I would have to keep it to myself and let them work their own shit out. Just like I had to do on my own, more than once. Every single time I think about somebody having an affair, or when I think back to the times in marriage that were less than honouring; I hear the incomparable Emma Thompson (Karen) in Love Actually, when she corners her husband, Alan Rickman (Harry) to tell him that she knows about the gold necklace.

Watch it here for a refresher, and I dare you not to cry.

“Would you stay knowing your life would always be a little bit worse, or would you cut and run???”

Maybe this is next Wednesday’s What Would You Do…stay post affair, or cut and run…Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.