Republicans believe in God???

I will be the first to admit that I don’t follow politics, my reasons are plentiful, in fact, I have so many reasons that if I started to list them, this would become a very different column. To summarize; I think they’re all full of shit, I’m not saying they aren’t good people, I’m just saying that most of them will say what needs to be said to stay where they are. Which is in power.

Unless you’re Bernie Sanders, then you’re a gem.

Anyway, this is not the point of this post, the point about this post, and why I didn’t write it yesterday is because I needed some time to pass, so I could calm the F*#K down. This is not a thing that makes me “go hmmm” post. No. This is one of my I CAN’T EVEN posts.

Republicans. How many innocent lives need to be lost at the end of a barrel of a gun before you snap the F*@K out of it and legislate smarter gun laws. Nobody is asking you to get rid of them all together, although at this stage in the game, it doesn’t seem like the worst idea anyone has ever had. Although I’ve been assured over, and over again, that the logistics of making this happen are virtually impossible anyway. So the question once again is, what’s the hold up on simple smarter laws?

Because from the outside looking in, it seems that it is more important to honor the freedom of the minority while putting the safety of the majority at risk, all day, everyday. Why? What do gun lovers have to lose? All anybody is trying to get you to do is reign in the laws that make getting guns harder. But no, why would you do that? It wasn’t your daughter, your niece, your granddaughter, your CHILD shot to death at Sandy Hook. It wasn’t your sister, your cousin, your friend, your LOVER killed in Orlando. Or your friend, grandmother, fellow worshiper shot in Charleston, South Carolina, so who cares right?

Gun violence hasn’t come into your home, and taken the life of somebody you can’t imagine living with out. A loved one so dear that the notion of never seeing them smile at you again causes you to collapse in a pile on the floor, unable to carry on with your day. A person who means so much to you, that the thought of never hearing their voice say your name again causes you to wonder if life is even worth living without them.

No. This is not YOUR reality, so who cares, right? Right?

I’ll tell you who cares..your GOD does. Because although I may not know a lot about politics, by choice, I do know one thing for certain: the republican party and most of their “followers” are God fearing, worshiping people. And with that comes the study of the bible, something I know a lot about as an ex-women’s ministry leader in my 20’s. So if you believe in the Bible, and live by it then I have news for every single one of you who is holding this up, voting against it, while more innocent lives are lost. The day you meet your maker, isn’t going to go quite the way you’ve planned it go…

I’m just saying.