Rebuilding your face, and then making a makeup empire off your new face, is cheating your consumer, isn't it???

I wonder. How far would one go in order to outshine a sibling?

Imagine being the youngest child in a family of six kids? You might have always felt that you, for whatever reason, were the “ugly duckling” your entire life, and that you have no “role” to own, in a family building an empire, save for the fact that you’re the baby. In that case what do you do to have a little bit of your own limelight? How do you shine when you’re sixth on the totem pole; an eldest sister who has the role of mother of three, and she’s the ELDEST, the role that comes with it’s own cache, and an identity that nobody can ever take away from her. Then you have the next in line; the “sex symbol” the one who has been on the gossip radar since her days of being Paris Hilton’s personal assistant, the one who’s name allowed for all this wealth and celebrity to happen. Then you have the sister, who is a Goddess, tall, curvy, bold and outgoing; following her is the only brother, with weight issues that identify him, for good or bad, but either way he is his own person within the family. After him comes your oldest sister from the second marriage, the girl with the super cool friends, who dated Harry Styles, and is becoming a super model in her own right.

So what do you do??? How do you stand out? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

I’ve made it incredibly clear that I’m not a fan of the Kardashian clan, how they got to where they are, or why a mother would choose the route that Kris Jenner did, when the whole sex tape scandal reared its ugly head. If I were a mother to a daughter who was being threatened to have a sex tape revealed I can assure you the way I would get out in front of it is via the legal system, not by coping the attitude; “well if you can’t beat em, join em, why don’t you pose for Playboy and let’s get a reality show up off the ground…”

But I’m not Kris Jenner. I will say this though; whenever I’ve sat in a pitch meeting and had heads of development from certain networks, who shall remain nameless, let me get through all my original content pitches to finally ask me what they wanted to ask me all along…”how do you feel about doing a reality show with you and your daughters?”

My answer has always been; “No. That’s not who we are as people, or as a family. Nor do I wish to undermine everything my husband has worked so hard to build by watering it down by having him pop in on our reality show from time to time.”

Needless to say, I walk out of these meetings empty handed. Apparently selling out is as big a thing in Canada factual television as it is with American, and quite frankly I want no part of it.

All this brings me to the point of my post today.

My brother had the TV on one day last week while he was here, and there was a clip that came on for the new season of Keeping Up, and it was Khloe confessing to Kourtney how concerned she is that her denim line, Good American, won’t even touch the iceberg that is the colossal empire that their little sister, the youngest girl, Kyle, has built with her makeup line. Khloe could be heard saying; “I mean she sells twenty thousand units in MINUTES.”

This, even though I don’t buy the product, I know to be true because two of my three girls buy it RELIGIOUSLY. They’re part of the people selling it out within the hour that it goes on sale. This is impressive for ANY brand, I can respect and appreciate that without being a fan of this particular family. So I get what Khole’s freaked out about. Although, as a mother of three girls, I don’t back the obvious competition that these girls have going on among themselves…which in my opinion is not a total shock that it would happen to their sisterhood considering they’re all “moguls” trying to build lives for themselves outside of their reality show personas. But, here’s the thing I can’t really get past. Isn’t is “cheating” what Kylie has done? I mean, you all know I’m PRO plastic surgery, I’m also PRO injections, face sculpting with injectables. What I’m about to type is NOT in judgement, but more of an observation.

Is it fair or right for a girl to redo her entire face, which has cost her tens of thousands of dollars to do, and continues to cost her to maintain it, by pimping out a makeup line to regular girls without those means? I mean she’s sort of selling a bill of goods; “buy my makeup kits and look like THIS.” But no. You could use her glow kit, her lip plumper, and contour palettes until the cows come home and you are NEVER getting that chin, that nose, or those lips. So my question is; do we think that Kylie Jenner would be selling tens of thousands of units of her lip-kits, or any make up if she hadn’t redone her face??? I for one, think not.

Mull it over, and let me know your thoughts. But personally, I don’t think that the lips she was born with, shown in the photo for this blog are the sort of lips that would have built an empire; and clearly she knows it too, or she would have at least given it a fair kick at the can with her original face.

Just saying.