Do we really need scientific studies to tell us shit about dogs???

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a dog, or dogs. There was only an incredibly brief time of my life, maybe five-seven years of my forty-seven, where I have not had a four legged companion, in the form of a dog. I feel as though a dog makes a home, that it isn’t complete without them bouncing at the door every single time you return, even if you’re just coming in from taking out the trash.

Dogs rock.

Every day, thanks to social media, I either read an article about something so amazing that a dog has done, or watch wonderful videos of them that overflows my heart with love. Their bravery, loyalty, commitment to pleasing their “masters” is mind blowing. I honestly wish humans were half the beings that dogs are. The world would most definitely be a better place for all of us. I am reading (again) because it didn’t stick as much as I wanted it to in the first place…Don Miguel Ruiz’s series of books, and I’m on The Mastery of Love at the moment. Chapter five of this book is titled The Perfect Relationship. Want to know who he uses as a benchmark of how to be in a “perfect” relationship???

If you guessed dog. Email me through the contact page and I’ll put you on the list for a free signed copy of Black Picket Fence once it’s published.

Because, yes, he says: “A dog is a dog. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s going to be a dog. You are not going to change a dog for a cat or a dog for a horse; it is what it is.” The essence of what he is talking about in the chapter is that we allow a dog to just be a dog, perfect at being such. So if we’re capable of doing that with our dog, accepting them when they’re good, they’re bad, why then cannot we not do the same thing with our partners? Off topic, but valid in keeping with my post that dogs are freaking awesome and need no alterations what, so ever.

What my post really is about is that a study was done at The University of California as to whether or not dogs experience jealousy. I found the article via getleashedmag on twitter. I read every single dog article that comes my way, because unlike other news, dog news brings me great joy. Anyway this study was to figure out whether or not they experience jealousy in the same way we do.

Ahhhhhh. Yeah. Hell yeah.

My dogs are so jealous, that if one of them hears the other getting praise from across the house, they will find their way to the praise giver and squeeze their body in between his brother and our legs to say “hey what about me? I too am a good dog.”

You know what else they’re good at? Sulking. I’m not sure if a study has been conducted on this, but they are…extremely proficient at it. Our guys are so good at it, that if I’m watching a movie either sprawled out on my bed (only when dad isn’t home does this go on)or on the couch (usually when dad is home, and not as cozy, or fun)they rush to be the one who gets to lay next to me. Which ever one (I only say one because Duke rarely displays competitive behaviour, or jealousy, but he’s king sulker in our house), so this competition to lay beside Mom, is often only between Mack and Kohl. Whichever dog doesn’t get the spot, stands at the edge of the bed/couch, rests his chin on the edge and sulks. For a good long time. Probably until their legs start to feel a tad numb, then at that point, they move on. It’s incredibly flattering to be the receipient of such devotion, and desire, but sad to see them finally relent and take their spot either on the floor, or the other corner of the couch. A tiny piece of my heart always breaks a little when they give up and move on.

It truly makes me go “hmmm” that they need to conduct studies about dogs at all. I suggest, as a cost saving measure post an ad on CraigsList looking for dog owners to participate in the studies. Tell them to record their pooches for 30/60/90 days and hand the footage over to the scientists so they can study their behaviours. I mean I know you still have to pay the professionals for their part in the study, but as for the dogs, and their owners. Well, we’re all obsessed with our pups, and would more than likely be incredibly proud to know that our brilliant four legged child was part of a “clinical study.” Or to save even more money, just ask us how large our dog’s vocabulary is, or if they’re jealous. I mean it won’t be as precise, but it would be cheaper, because everybody already knows that dogs understand language, otherwise how to do service dogs know to go the BANK instead of the MARKET?

Like I said earlier. Dogs rock. Dogs are perfection. Dogs are brilliant. Dogs are heroes, and I don’t need any studies to tell me that.