Is it really a low flush toilet if you have to flush it twice???

Alright, alright today I’m having one of those wildly busy days…I know we’re all busy and it’s sort of this new gross way of saying how incredibly “important” one is by being so terribly busy all the damn time. So I do try and use this phrase as little as possible, but honest to God today is a day that has me using it without shame.

I got up and taped my first episode of CBC’s The Goods today, it was AMAZING. SOOOOO GOOOD. Such a wonderful panel of moms to discuss the topics with, and Andrea, whom I love to pieces leading the charge. Loved it, keep your eyes peeled for it airing on OCTOBER 17TH, especially those of you who, like me, were sad with how “thin” the segments were last year. I think you, as I was, will be pleased with how much screen time they’re giving us during the panels this time around. A wonderful improvement. Then of course there were bills, emails, and now the Porsche event that you probably saw the photo-shoot for on my and YB’s instagram stories a couple of weeks back. And…a huge surprise that requires that I stay awake until 2am for. It’s a long day.

Which means you’re getting not an essay on one thing that makes me go “hmmm” but a quickie. These two things seriously make me go “hmmm” all the day long.

Drivers who operate their motor vehicles with ear buds in their ears. Not bluetooth pieces around one ear, I understand why they’re doing that. No, I’m talking about drivers who are whipping around the roadways with their iPhone buds inserted in their ears.


What the hell are they are doing that for? Don’t all cars come equipped with radios these days? Doesn’t every single Best Buy, Staples, Walmart, hell even some grocery stores sell chargers that enable them to plug their phones into their cars infrastructure? Or at the very least can’t they play their music on the speaker of their iPhones if for some reason the car doesn’t provide them with that feature? But wearing them inserted in their ears while driving? Hell no. This must be a form of distracted driving. I mean if they can’t even hear what is happening around them? I spoke to a friend of mine who is a cop and she says that it absolutely is against the law, which has me asking the question: why I don’t see more people pulled over getting tickets for this???

And then:

Low flush toilets.

Nope. These are an engineering fail. Low flush toilets are made specifically to flush urine, and urine only. You need to push the low flush twice when you’re a woman because I don’t know about you ladies, but I always wipe. I’m not a drip dry, or shaker, I’m a wiper thank you very much, which means in order to get the paper down with the pee I always end up flushing twice. Which has me asking the question: who thought low flush was a good idea? And did they actually test it to see if they would have enough water, power, whatever the hell it is that makes them work in the first place before they made them mandatory for everybody to have in their homes and offices? I mean this is like those toxic fluorescent light bulbs they tried to shove down our throats until the realized; “Oh right. Mecrury. Bad. Was bad when we were putting in people’s mouths, it’s still bad trying to put it in the garbage when the bulbs break.”

That’s right friends, they’re toxic waste and have to be treated as such.

Honestly, I shake my head in amazement most days wondering who the hell is in charge out there. I get that their hearts are in the right place trying to do right by the planet, we all need to be thinking and living that way, but can we all agree to put a little more research into things before passing them as by-laws so we don’t end up you know, flushing twice now every where we go? I mean I have to ask…