The question must be asked; why are some of you SOOOOO SERIOUS???


I feel like we have a teeny tiny bit of miscommunication going on here. Not with everybody, but with quite a few.

So, in the spirit of clearing the air, let us start at the very beginning.

The reason I started this blog was because I have a lot of feelings, and I have a lot of opinions. All of these were driving me to drink, more. So I thought how fun would it be, to you know, share the things that make me go “hmmm” about our world, some of the people living in it, politics, relationships, you name it. Everything is fair game, because there are many things in a day that go through my mind that truly perplex me, and now that my girls have moved out, and I spend most of my days alone, I simply got tired keeping it all inside, and to myself. Enter you. Now I get to share it all with you! You’re welcome.

All that being said it is super important that those of you who are new to my blog know this one thing. THESE ARE MY OPINIONS. These are not facts. Everything I write on here is about how I FEEL about things, and to be blunt, I’m not here to be PC. I’m not writing to make friends with any leaders who I happen to think are being dumb-asses, even if they happen to be leaders of my own great city, and amazing country. I’m writing in the hopes that my questioning what is going on around me, might give you the freedom to ask your own questions as to the “why” of certain decisions our leaders are making, or even why some celebrities do what they do. Some of my posts are deep, soulful, topics, and others might give you information that you might not have had before. The cigarette, and gum litter posts come to mind. I bet you all didn’t know how much waste/litter those two things make up the world over. Then there are the fiery, Momma Bear, Loyal Wife posts, that happen less often, but are the ones you readers seem to respond to most.

After posting about the CSA’s the other night I received some emails in my inbox, that were not all “friendly” shall we say. What I’m here to say is that I’m not a member of the Academy, nor am I a “working” actress who gives two flying fucks what they think about what I have to say about their “system” or their “logic” for why they do the things they do. I have zero loyalties to them, and I honestly doubt any of them are reading my blog, but if they are, then I honestly hope they take note. In my opinion; they seriously need to get their shit together. We were told Yannick was sat where he was sat for “maximum on camera time.” Okay cool. I’ll buy that for two bucks, but, ummmm would he not have also received “maximum on camera time” if he was sat behind, oh I don’t know the cast of Schitt’s Creek?? Or Kim’s Convenience?? Both shows were winners, and are fellow CBC shows. Actually would have made more sense to sit him there, no? I will also point out, that these are comedies, and neither the shows, or their actors were not nominated in any of the categories that he, for some reason cannot catch a break in? But I digress, and hate to harp on the never being nominated thing, I mean, but I will say this. I’m planning a wedding, and I think my daughter and I are giving more thoughtful, concentrated effort into the seating arrangement for that then the CSA’s did for Yannick the other night.

One of you went so far as to tell me, actually let me rephrase this; how I interpreted what you said was that I should stop talking about it at all, and let the fans handle it, because I’m biased, and therefore cannot be taken seriously by the Academy. Let me remind you: a) I frankly don’t care what the Academy thinks about how I feel about them and b) I am biased, but that doesn’t make me WRONG in my thinking that something is fishy about Yannick NEVER RECEIVING A NOMINATION FOR BEST ACTOR. Some of you seem to think that this is the case over the past ten years. No. This has been going on for THIRTY FOUR YEARS.

I’m allowed to be a bit shocked that it is still going on. I’m also allowed to feel like this is an award show that I no longer need to devote any time to buying a dress, getting hair, makeup, flying from my lovely home in California for. And it’s not just because he doesn’t get nominated, it’s because the entire cast of Murdoch, the NUMBER ONE SHOW IN THE COUNTRY, dare I say, most likely the most beloved, globally,Canadian show there has ever been??

Now this is something I’d like to see numbers on…

Anyway, in closing, please refrain from writing me emails about how you think I should be “behaving” on my blog, for fear that I will come across as this way, or that way. I’m not here to be censored. Reading my blog is literally like being inside my head, and often the things inside my head, which I would venture to guess those of you reading this can relate to, aren’t pretty. So let’s raise a glass in honor of everybody out there speaking their truth, respectfully, and getting shit off their chests so the world doesn’t cause you to explode.

I’m with you. I get you. And I love you for it, hopefully this love goes both ways.