This is the problem, gun stock rises after another deadly shooting.

What a terrible thing to wake up to, the mass murder at the hands of a domestic terrorist in Vegas last night. As I slept snug in my bed, other people were being gunned down while out enjoying a country music festival.

While I woke up to “another Monday morning” so many did not, and if they did, they did so in a hospital ICU, or they did so in their own beds in utter shock that a regular Sunday night could go so wrong.

We can all pray until the cows come home, but prayer is not enough. Those who lost their lives last night don’t need our prayers, what they needed, and what we all need going forward is gun reform.

Every single time I read a story like this I ask myself the same questions as many, if not all of you reading this post do: “What is it going to change for the US government to make changes to the gun laws?” And; “what are we waiting for???”

Vegas has some of the softest, or can I say fucked up, asinine gun laws in America. Which explains why this asshole had an automatic weapon, and nine other guns in his possession. If you listen to the videos that the media outlets are posting online it sounds like a war zone the way the shots are being fired in such rapid succession. It was a country music concert. In Vegas. Not Sudan.

This is not okay. People should be able to go to concerts, sporting events, anything really, without worrying about coming under attack. We’re in North America, we are not at war. Well technically we’re not at war, but very clearly we are. From within.

Edmonton, as many other places have taught us, that refugees must be vetted more strenuously.

Local, nationals must be screened, I was going to type thoroughly, but after reading how Vegas does ZERO screening I’ve decided to now write: SCREENED PERIOD.

This video is hard to watch, but I challenge you to do so, so that we might understand on even the smallest scale the fear these people must have been feeling last night. We need to understand on a physical level, the best we can by simply viewing it through our screens, what it is like to be running or hiding for your life. The article attached also discusses the lax, stupid “gun laws” in Vegas.

Our leaders, who are elected to run our countries but also to put laws into place that are for the good of their people need to do better.

All these people who lost their lives this year alone due to the fact that the current gun laws are not working are our reasons why.

Changing the laws now will never bring all these loved ones back to their families, but it will prevent the deaths of other innocent people, and more families from burying them and spending their lives in mourning. Sadly, with gun stocks rising this morning, as long as the everybody involved in weapons keeps making money off the bloodshed on American soil at the hands of a domestic terrorist, I’m afraid no change will come. But that doesn’t mean we should stop demanding it, and for those of us who can make our voices heard through voting, we can bring about leaders who don’t subscribe to this way of making money. Off the deaths of innocent people.

RIP to all who are no longer with us due to this senseless act of terror. May your lives, and the loss of it not have been for nothing. And to all the people who assisted the first responders by carrying people on barricades, and in wheelbarrows, you are all heroes, may you get the counseling and help you need to heal from the trauma of what you’ve seen.

God bless you all.