What is the point of making an appointment if you're not coming during the time of set appointment???

For the life of me I will never understand companies that book appointment times with you and then they just don’t show up. Ummmm, excuse you, but I have places to be people, I can’t just sit around here for hours on end hoping that this time your tech will actually show up. It not only makes me go “hmmm” it actually makes me wonder why they even bother calling you to book an appointment time in the first place. Especially when they not only do not show up for it, but they don’t even call to give you an explanation as to why they didn’t. I totally don’t get it. This is not the first time I’ve had a company just not show up, it seems to be a thing that happens more and more these days. I even had one fireplace cleaning company call me the next day to rate my sanctification of the service that I supposedly had the day before and I was like; “Your guy didn’t show up, or call to tell me that he wouldn’t be here.” The woman on the other end of the phone was STUNNED. She had no idea that nobody had shown up. I made it clear that I expected her to make sure that I wasn’t billed for an appointment that never happened. She assured me that I wouldn’t be charged, and then did the strangest thing, in my opinion; she asked me if I wanted to reschedule with her for another time.

What? Really? No, no thanks, your company isn’t professional, so that will be a solid no from me.

Which brings me to today. Today, an electrical company that is threatening to turn off the power to our spa if they cannot get onto the property to run an inspection. Ummm ok. Let’s get this empty threat straight, this is the same company who has made six appointments with me, have not only NOT shown up at the set day or time, but have shown up when they were NOT booked, and then have the audacity to tell me that I have to pay fines for the missed appointments??

EXCUSE YOU? I don’t think so, this is not how this works. For real, what are they smoking over there at that company? Who’s name I don’t even have because they’ve never given it to me, and because when they’ve shown up when they weren’t supposed to, they didn’t leave any cards to be like; “hey sorry we missed you” or anything.

For months this company, some electrical company that works contract for the City of Toronto has been attempting to come to our house and do a final inspection for the in-ground spa we had built this summer. This has been going on, I kid you not FOR MONTHS. I give them a time, for example today, Friday November 18th between 8am-12pm, and here I sit at 3:16 pm and they have still not arrived, or called. I contacted our spa company, Gib-San Pool and Hot Tub, which I highly recommend NOT DOING BUSINESS with if you live in the GTA and are thinking about building a pool or spa, don’t work with them, and they said they can’t reach them, even though they’re the people who booked this appointment. What the hot hell is going on?? Gib-San are king of the beautiful sales pitch, they’re guy wears nice suits, is handsome and says all the right things…and then when it comes time to execute the plan, sales guy disappears and the foreman of the build has “no idea what was discussed with sales rep.” Which is why our spa was completed in mid July, instead of mid June (as promised by handsome sales guy) is too deep for anybody who’s not 5’10” or taller to sit down and have the jets actually hit you in the right spot. It also was meant to be operational in the winter months, since it is a HOT TUB after all. It is NOT. The stone patio around it was installed so that all rain water drains INTO the spa instead of laying the stone on a slight angle AWAY from the spa, so the rain water wouldn’t run right into from the patio. It being built in this way causes it to flood every single time it rains. And the icing on the cake they sold us the exact cover we didn’t want, a cover we specifically told our sales guy we think is cheap looking and a pain in the ass to use.

Come to think of it, I wonder if my frustration at all these missed appointments with this phantom electrical company is really where I should be placing it?? Perhaps the screw up with the inspection times really falls at the feet of this incompetent Gib-San Pool and Hot Tub company, since they’re the people booking the inspection times, and they completely screwed our spa. Maybe, just maybe, all the confusion over the electrical inspection times has everything to do with Gib-San??

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…