Why do pets get cancer?

This is something that I never stop wondering about; why do our pets get cancer? Like seriously though, have you ever thought about it? Maybe I’m hyper sensitive to it because one of our boxers, Mack, has had cancer twice, and now, has just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, marking this his third fight against the disease. His big brother, Kuda, lost his life to cancer closing in on three years ago, this July.

I mean, neither of my dogs smoked. Drank alcohol. Ate the red M&M’s. Slept less than 7 hours a night. Which means if we go by the things they tell us are going to give us cancer, then it makes zero sense as to why pets get cancer every damn day, since they don’t ingest any of these things.

Then my thoughts turn to, well if they aren’t taking in any of these known carcinogens, that everybody talks about, that the government is behind admitting cause cancer, then what IS giving common house pets cancer? By like the thousands, probably tens of thousands, every single year. Could it come from things nobody is willing to talk about? Pesticides on our lawns, in their foods, could it be their flea medications, chemicals in our water, in our air? Where is it lurking?

I mean if they aren’t doing all the things that are clearly known to give them cancer, then it has to be something else. I for one, am certainly no closer to having an answer. I mean we researched, and had guidance from an amazing homeopathic veterinarian putting our four legged boys on an all organic, grain free diet, and don’t use flea medications, at all. Yet here’s poor Mack, despite our best efforts, once again dealing with the disease.

I’d love to know how this happens, what to do differently, to protect our four legged kids from cancer, the disease that knows no boundaries, and doesn’t discriminate against pets, innocent children, anybody at all, really…