Am I the only person who's iPhone stops working as soon as the latest and greatest iPhone gets released???

Last night I wanted the simple pleasure of listening to music while I was writing. A little bit of jazz while dinner simmered, candles filled the house with their fragrance, and I wrote. A little calm after the storm of the past two days, was it too much to ask?

Apparently it was. Because my technology, which I don’t even enjoy, I view all of it as a necessary evil, decided that it didn’t want to do its job anymore. This isn’t something that makes me go “hmmm” my friends, this is something that makes me see red. It isn’t just the Sonos system that I paid very good money for just 3.5 years ago that no longer works that pisses me off. No, it’s the fact that even though we’re seemingly SO SMART and SO ADVANCED in our “modern world” our shit doesn’t last nearly as long as it did back in the day.

Back when America was great.

I kid, I kid, but I just couldn’t resist. Forgive me. But I’m not kidding about the breakdown of our modern conveniences. How come back in the day big ass boat cars were sturdier? Why was a phone just a phone that plugged into the wall and worked? In fact, our girls make fun of me, but both my houses have phones plugged into the walls, none of that wireless, needs batteries every five minutes, or needs a computer upgrade to work. Hell no. There are just some things that I prefer just the way they were.

For example, remember when you used to just walk up to your TV and turn it on, then you would turn the dial to the station you wanted? Not anymore. These days, there is a UNIVERSAL remote that controls your receiver, your cable box, your DVD player, and your TV but have you noticed how shit doesn’t just TURN ON when you press the on button? Does this happen to you or is it just me who feels like I need a University degree to operate my television set. It’s a serious pain in the ass.

Every single time I have to turn on my TV, or my stereo, panic sets in; “will it turn on this time the first time, or will I need to shut everything down, reboot, call my cable company and thirty minutes later finally have the television set up and running?” Whenever I go to watch it I seriously pine for the good ole days.

And what the hell is with Apple and this forced consumerism that is being allowed to take place? I’m dead serious about this, I think the world should come together and file a class action lawsuit against the sons of bitches. Don’t get me wrong, I love their products, it’s all we have in our house. In my opinion they are superior products. But, why is it every single time they release the latest and greatest iPhone the version you have starts to act all glitchy??? I see you Apple. I see you overloading the operating system of my iPhone 6 with the too big, too complex, too advance operating system meant for the fancier, shinier, newer iPhone 7. Which by the way, the new iOS10.1.1 is the absolute PITS. It is way too complicated to use, trying to read emails on your handheld device is like trying to solve the rubik’s cube. What the hell is going on Apple?

But I digress, the bottom line is this happens every single time. It has been going on for years, but like lambs led to the slaughter not only do people line up OVER night to get the newest version of the thing they’re holding in their hands that is still in great shape, but they even pre-order them. Why oh why are we so dumb?? Why are we so easily led?? Why aren’t we more concerned about what all these old iPhones, tablets, laptops, etc etc etc are doing to our environment. We should care way more about that before we get in line with the hooks in our mouths to consume, consume, consume.

But who am I kidding, the pattern is set now because Apple is manipulating us, they kill our existing phones, which we all believe we can no longer live without, and off we go. No regard for our planet, or our dignity, hooks in mouths.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…