Am I the only person on the planet who's claws come out when strangers go after their man???

Anybody who knows me, like really knows me knows that I am one spicy opinionated meatball. I grew up in a household with two brothers, and a big German/Romanian family on my mother’s side. Discussion/arguments were always “won” by the person who talked the loudest for the longest amount of time. Not by any having real facts or knowledge to back up their point. It wasn’t until a couple of years into dating Yannick that I really understood that my method wasn’t a very productive or healthy way to “fight.” So I gave it up for the most part. Every once in a while the young girl in me rears her childish head and fights dirty, and then I have to grovel for forgiveness. Normally these outburst of emotions are directed at the people I’m the closest to, the ones who know how to push my buttons, and grate on my frayed, currently hormonal nerves. Thanks change of life, I’m really having a great time…but that’s another post!

There is a time when you, a stranger, are guaranteed to get the loud mouth, wild haired, zero filter Shantilly claws out Shantelle; and that is if you go after my man, or my daughters.

Yesterday Yannick sent a screen shot in our family group chat of some whiny woman who wrote him a letter, literally WHINING about how disappointed she is that he was dishonest to his fans about the signed photo in exchange for the $100 donation to Childhood Cancer Canada. She, a NEW fan (as if new ones have more value than the old/original ones) that’s sort of like large companies, such as Rogers giving their new customers all the discounts, while us original ones get the big shaft with our rates. It’s wrong, and it makes zero sense to me why the new people should reap the rewards while the people who were they all along get no discounts, but this too is a separate post.

Back to my point about the letter. It wasn’t as if this woman was “inquiring” as to the whereabouts of her signed photo, or the video that was promised HER, (which was in fact posted on the day it said it would be posted FYI)it was a full out attack/assault on my husband’s character, and the charity, Childhood Cancer Canada’s integrity. And well ladies and gentlemen I saw RED.

Like what the actual f*&k. You took the time to sit down type a bitchy moany letter about how you normally give to dogs and cats, which is also admirable, they too are helpless beings on this earth who need our help, but were compelled as a “NEW FAN” to support Yannick and the Princess challenge. Great. Thank you! We understand and appreciate how many truly worthy causes there are out there in the world, and $100 is VERY GENEROUS! But then you went on to say that you would ask for your money back if you could because you still don’t have the signed photo?

Hi. Likes look at the timeline together shall we? Today is October 19th, you wrote your letter on October 12th. The challenge closed on September 30th, that means that you didn’t have the patience to even wait a full TWO WEEKS before losing your mind and lashing out at a man making a difference in the lives of THOUSANDS OF KIDS battling cancer while filming Murdoch.




This is absolutely in my “I CAN’T EVEN” pile.

Like I cannot. I just can’t.

Listen lady, if it were up to me, I’d send you back your $100 with NO photo and tell you that over here you’re attitude is not the sort of energy we’re looking for in the first place. Like who does that? I think you need to sit down, catch your breath and get some perspective on the bigger picture here.

Kids fighting cancer. CANCER. You know, and I know, that people die of this disease every single day. Can you imagine being the parent of one of these kids who gets the diagnosis? I mean kids don’t truly grasp the gravity of their disease, the parents sure as shit do. So can you even imagine? I cannot. Yannick cannot. So this is why we help when and how we can. Which means in between 14 hour work days he signs some photos. HAND SIGNS and PERSONALIZES photos. Because it’s the least he/we can do to make a difference.

So you lady, can wait. And if you can’t then by all means write him another letter and I’ll mail you your $100 with interest.