Am I the only person who gets sick after a holiday???

Ok, so I’m back tracking a little bit, posting on behalf of July 5th, on the 7th…why? Because I returned home from a beautiful, wonderful, relaxing holiday and got knocked flat on my ass with some nasty virus.

Why did this happen to me? I mean, I’m a nice person, I was just trying to take my daughter on a lovely mother daughter holiday, why does the universe want to punish me so??? I really want to know…this happens often to me and truly makes me “go hmmm.”

Anyway, July 5th out sick all day, so this is the late half-ass post explaining my absence, since it can’t really be considered DAILY MUSINGS if I don’t post daily. Right???

In closing, if you’re even thinking about messaging me to bring up to speed on the harsh realities of people truly suffering, please don’t. I volunteer, and work with children who have cancer, that is true bravery. That is unfair illness. I don’t need a reality check about my whining about being “sick” when there are people who are REALLY sick, and dealing with REAL life issues much more serious than mine…I know all about that, but I’m still allowed to be bummed out about my own personal, although, temporary illness.

Also I complain with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek ; )

Blessings and good health to all, especially me.