Am I the only person who believes Brad and Angelina will work it out???

Other people’s relationships are none of my busy. I learned a long time ago, that when a girlfriend is sharing any issues she is having with her partner, that in no way shape or form is an invitation for my opinion about her other half. In fact it is quite the opposite, they just want somebody to vent to, they don’t want adivce. And now that our girls are in their 20’s, I don’t even put my nose into their personal business, unless they ask, if they ask, I’m always honest. Back in the day, when they were younger, we didn’t hold back when we weren’t a fan of a guy they were a fan of. When your kids are young, and want to date somebody because he looks like “so and so” from that band, but skips school, and has questionable habits, you need to step in. Parents have to help guide their kids along when they’re young, and inexperienced. But, as they develop into adults, it’s time to trust that life, and maturity have assisted in getting them to the point where they’re making healthier partner choices.

But alas, the dating lives of our children is not what my post is about. Today, I’m finally able to publicly discuss the break up of Brad and Angelina. Like what in the hot hell?! I don’t want to come across as somebody who didn’t see it coming. But, I’m sorry, I really didn’t see it coming. Am I the only person who was completely taken by surprise? I mean, come on. What is going on in the world? I know Mercury is in serious retrograde, that computers are acting all wonky, and people are on the edge of madness, everywhere. But Brad and Angelina divorcing. COME ON?! I don’t buy it. I think this is a power play. I think Brad f’d up, did something off side, out of keeping with their marriage terms, and she wants to prove a point to him. Angelina is currently serving Brad up the Beyonce Lemonade point. Make Brad sweat publicly for a little while, and then she’ll call the whole thing off.

Or at least that’s what I’m praying for at night.

I mean seriously, how can they divorce? Over the course of TEN YEARS, they date/live common-in-law, have six children, are photographed all over the world supporting one another on red carpets, on humanitarian trips, and hanging with their kids. Everything looks like it’s going beautifully. They appear to be one of the celebrity couples who are going to make it. After all, ten years in Hollywood is like thirty five in regular life. At long last, after a decade of “will they” or “won’t they” wed, they do it. They take the plunge. The kids decorate Angie’s veil with their original art, they wed in their castle in France, all their babies at their side. Stunning. Wedded bliss for one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples. Those who are fans, rejoiced. Those who are haters, and everybody has a few of those kicking around under moldy rocks, could have cared less. The haters might have even hedged bets on exactly how long the union would last. Even the haters probably wouldn’t have guessed just a couple of months longer than the two year mark.

I wouldn’t have guessed it.

I, truly, and naively, had them on my going all the way list. Until the end of time sort of marriage. I just bought into the notion that they’re love was not to be denied, that they were the right amount of crazy for one another, that nobody else on this planet could “contain” either of them.

I had Brangelina fever. And to backtrack to my post about: “if women would just say no to adultery, would it go away?” I don’t believe they started getting it on until after he left Jennifer Aniston. Not because I think it isn’t something Angelina had not done in her past, but more because I do believe that after she adopted her son Maddox, something inside her changed. Plus, they still swear up and down that they didn’t, and all we have is their word. Unless we can get them to take a lie detector test, then I’d say we have to take them at it.

The thing that I’m most curios about as this moves forward, and I hope this doesn’t happen, is if it’s all about to get very ugly. Already there is the beginnings of character assassination in the media with the leaking of LAPD, etc checking into allegations that he abused one of the kids on their private jet. Which I can’t see, but then again, I don’t know the man. And Angelina does tend to have the where with all to come off on top. All the time. Even when she shouldn’t, in fact, especially when she shouldn’t. She’s gifted at putting a positive, shiny spin on every thing she does these days, so my guess is that this will be no different.

And who knows, if it gets dirty behind closed doors, we just might end up with one of them sitting down with Barbara, or Oprah, spilling all the truths about their relationship. Even the truth about whether or not their relationship began while Brad was still married to Jennifer.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…

I for one, hope that for the sake of the kids, these two work it all out.