Why are people working at jobs that they hate???

This has caused me to “go hmmm” for as long as I’m able to remember. I had my very first job at the age of twelve. I worked at a pizza joint in my local mall. I made $2.05/hr, I loved my job. I loved it until I didn’t, and then you know what I did? I got another job. And I REALLY, REALLY loved that job. I got snagged by two brothers who owned a Baskin Robbins in the same mall, but on the main floor, when they offered me $2.15/hr. The freedom those extra ten cents every hour brought me after a twenty hour week, at the age of twelve and a half, was AMAZING. I loved my job, scooping ice cream so much, that I was still working there when Yannick met me for the very first time, we were both fifteen.


Anyway, because I’ve worked as long as I can remember, and because I also remember thinking; “wow the owner of the pizza joint is a giant bully, and asshole” that when the brothers from Baskin Robbins came up stairs and offered me a “better life” I jumped at the opportunity. So the thing I just don’t understand is this: why the f*#k are people toiling away their lives in jobs they clearly hate. Like tonight. Mikaela and I had business at our local Shoppers Drug Mart (it’s like CVS for my American friends), and the girl Mandy, I’m going to use her name because I’m confident she’s not reading my blog, was SO RUDE. Like so VILE, for no good reason whatsoever, in fact at one point, once the pharmacist took over serving us because she was just so entirely out of control, she yelled from the depths of the pharmacy “I AM NOT A SLAVE.” Mikaela and I looked at the pharmacist, stunned.

Nobody called you a slave Mandy. All we asked you to do was not shout out what our prescriptions were across the pharmacy so all the other people in line would know our medical business. Was that an unreasonable request to make? We certainly didn’t think so, and neither did the pharmacist, who apologized profusely for Mandy’s rage.

I also think she needs to sit down and watch some documentaries about slavery, cuz she clearly has the wrong idea as to what that actually is. As I watched her huff, puff and slam around behind the counter it struck me yet again.

If you’re not happy in a job. Leave it.

If you’re not happy in a relationship. Leave it.

If you’re unhappy in any area of your life, you have the control, and only you, to change your circumstance. To choose what it is you do want/need in this one life that you get that will bring you joy, fulfilment, and for God sakes leave the rest of us innocent people in peace.

Look I don’t know Mandy, I don’t know what happened to her today to set her off, to make her so angry, but I do know this for certain. She, like every single one of us has the power to choose how we want our lives to go, we train the universe to make us either a VICTIM or VICTOR. Same number of letters, very different outcome on your life…maybe I should go back and tell her this???