People who outwardly forget where they came from, perplex me.

Alright I could attempt to catch up on the blogs I missed while my site was under construction, but the truth is while I’m here in Napa celebrating my friends milestone celebrations I frankly don’t want to be. I’m content, and I hope you are also to just start fresh as of today. And There is one blog topic that has been gnawing at me for some time, and this my friends is the idea, or the attitude of people “forgetting where they came from.” You know what I mean, right, people who get their starter job, cut their teeth on it and then take all that experience, knowledge, guidance, and mentoring that they were given at said job, and then when they get their “big break” kick all that square in the balls. I was going to say teeth, but how I’m feeling about people who do this needed a bit more “umph” behind it, and well for me, the teeth reference just wasn’t cutting it.

There is very little in this world that flat out disgusts me, or that will cause me to completely and entirely change how I think about a person than this attitude. The attitude of ingratitude, of ego, and of entitlement rubs me the wrong way. I mean listen, we all have our strengths, our talents, our attributes that we bring to our jobs, our careers, and our relationships. If you’re lucky your gifts will completely and entirely gel with somebody else’s or in the case of a television show a great many somebody else’s and then you will have the absolute honour, pleasure and good fortune of creating a success. But, let us not forget that successful television shows are not created by a mere few. Successful, long running television shows, such as the incredible Murdoch Mysteries is because of every single person on board. From the people in the offices, to the set designers, to the builders, to the costumers, to the casting agent, to the ADs, to the craft service people, to the writers, to the producers, to the actors. Murdoch is one in a million. It is the perfect storm. It is a success. But let’s not get it twisted, it is not just because of Yannick. Nor is it simply due to the writers; because let’s be frank the writers can write the best God damn scripts this side of The Colour Purple and if the talent can’t say the words convincingly, you got a flop on your hands. Am I right?

You all know I am. You’ve all seen enough movies and television shows to know this to be true. Great script + shitty actors=flop. Shitty script + great actor=hit. Greats scripts + great actors=a Murdoch Mysteries.

I want everybody to get their day in the sun. I wish nothing but the best for anybody who wants to branch out, do their own thing, carve their own niche, make their own name. Listen, I’m a woman in the entertainment/publishing world, I want all my sisters to stand on their own two feet and be the master of their own destines, but can we seriously stop bashing, while simultaneously leaning, heavily on the crutch that is Murdoch Mysteries to try and make that happen? I just don’t see any other TV shows in Canada, American or Canadian, simultaneously alerting people to the fact that their show not only comes from the same company as MM, but then also throwing shade at MM. It’s weird. It’s more than weird, it’s actually totally bizarre. Like aren’t we all on the same team if it’s all from the same company? You would think, right? And as a woman who creates TV show concepts, I appreciate how getting a series of your own, not only commissioned as a pilot, but also getting it green lit to series is no small feat. This is the opposite of that, it is commendable, wonderful and fucking fantastic. But, can’t it just be wonderful and amazing, and fabulous for that? Does it need to be; the “spin off” of Murdoch for which it is NOT by the way, this character was never on Murdoch. While also being “the new detective in town” so are we slamming the old, original, number one Canadian drama detective who already is in the town? Because if we are slamming Murdoch as the “old” detective in the town, then why the hell do you need to air after said “old” detective? And if it’s the new/improved/better or what have you detective in town, then why on top of the billboard does it scream: “from the producers of Murdoch Mysteries”??? I mean every single channel has other detective series on it, but none of them, not a single one says; “they’re the new detective in town.” Like why is that even a marketing tact??? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

What is with all the sucking and blowing? I don’t understand. I’m genuinely both confused and annoyed.

You’re either on your own with your new show, ready to try and take down MM (which seems like is the objective judging by some of the language being thrown about while promoting this new show) or you’re part of the team, thankful for where you got your start, and your success that enabled you, along with your talent to be given the opportunity to have your own series. But, honestly, can’t we all just be nice, and be thankful, and stop trying to do, I don’t really know what, except that it all sort of stinks and doesn’t seem nice or thankful, or like any work history is being honored. I don’t wish anybody ill, but it’s going to take another perfect storm of writing, talent, crew, and stars aligning for there to be another Murdoch Mysteries, so if it were me, and it were my new show, let’s just say I’d probably be playing it all a little bit nicer than how it’s coming across. But that’s just me.